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Persaeus Gomez Signs with Oklahoma State

Yesterday was national signing day, and most of the Oklahoma State wrestling recruiting class had already put their name on the line back in November during the early signing period.

But what might be one of the most historic signings in the history of Oklahoma State Wrestling came yesterday with Pomona’s Persaeus Gomez. Gomez is a 3-time Colorado State Champion, was a U17 Pan-Am Championships winner, and is ranked #4 in the country at 130 lbs.

You can watch her signing at the link below.

Colorado student-athletes commit to colleges on Signing Day |

We’ve documented the journey of the Cowgirl Wrestling Club. The steps they’ve taken and the work they’ve done to create a footprint for women’s wrestling at Oklahoma State is incredible. They’ve really done some remarkable things. This could be argued as one of the biggest steps, as having a female student wrestler of this level training at Oklahoma State has never been seen before.

“It’s a trailblazing event for myself, and creating a path for younger generations of female wrestlers as well”

The Oklahoma State Club Sports Program allows students to participate in signing day events with approval, even though there are no direct scholarships involved. She will be a student and she will be wrestling for the Cowgirls Wrestling Club, and presumably training at the RTC as well. This is huge for the women’s wrestling club at Oklahoma State, and for women’s wrestling across the board at Oklahoma State.

Here’s an interview with her at the Girls National HS Showcase in 2022.

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