Class 5A Dual State Tournament Preview and Info


Saturday, February 10 at the Stride Bank Center in Enid, OK

Quarterfinals at 12:00

  • Coweta vs. Carl Albert on Mat 1
  • Claremore vs. Grove on Mat 2
  • Chickasha vs. Lawton Mac on Mat 3
  • Elgin vs. Guthrie on Mat 4

Semifinals at 2:00

  • Coweta-Carl Albert winner vs. Claremore-Grove winner on Mat 1
  • Chickasha-Lawton Mac winner vs. Elgin-Guthrie winner on Mat 2

Finals at 6:30

  • Class 5A Finals on Mat 2
  • Class 3A Finals on Mat 3


  1. Coweta, 20-0, Gabe Ellis
  2. Elgin, 9-2, Cody Rowell
  3. Claremore, 20-4, Chad Willard
  4. Chickasha, 4-2, Chad Randle
  5. Lawton Mac, 9-1, Michael Miller
  6. Guthrie, 7-4, Jadon Davenport
  7. Grove, 18-2, John Ward II
  8. Carl Albert, Curt Hodges, 5-7
Stride Bank Center Map. Where will you sit?

Class 5A appears to be the most evenly balanced tournament with a number of teams hoping to claim the coveted Dual State title.  Some duals and eventually the team championship could come down to the flip of the coin that decides which team has to put their wrestler on the mat first (alternating between weights).  It then become a chess match, trying to get the best match-ups for your team.  Another factor that comes into play in close duals is the ability to score bonus points or just as importantly, not giving up bonus points in matches you lose.  

Coweta comes in with an impressive 20-0 dual record and is the number one seed. Claremore (20-4) and Grove (18-2) meet in the 1st round, in a rematch of a regular season dual won by Claremore, 42-30.  If Claremore wins the rematch, they would likely face Coweta in the semifinals, which would be another team they faced in the regular season, with Coweta taking that one, 47-15.

A potential Elgin-Chickasha semifinal battle will be a great one to watch.  Elgin has had a strong season and comes in as the number two seed.  Don’t be fooled by Chickasha’s 4-2 dual record as they have also turned in some very impressive tournament performances throughout the year.  

In individual rankings, Coweta has ten ranked wrestlers (four in the top 3), Elgin has 13 ranked wrestlers (five in the top 3) and Chickasha has ten ranked wrestlers (six in the top 3).  What does that mean?  It means there are going to be some great matches to decide who wins the duals and see paragraph above about the flip of the coin and the importance of bonus points.  

Significant Dual Results of Dual State Qualifiers.

These results are regular season results and not predictions of what will happen at Dual State as some were early season duals and line-ups could be completely different from the regular season duals.

  • Coweta over Claremore, 47-15
  • Coweta over Collinsville, 59-14
  • Coweta over Del City, 67-16
  • Elgin over Marlow, 34-30
  • Tuttle over Elgin, 48-18
  • Cache over Elgin, 54-24
  • Chickasha over Blanchard, 69-12
  • Marlow over Chickasha, 49-20
  • El Reno over Chickasha, 36-34
  • Claremore over Grove, 42-30
  • Claremore over Collinsville, 51-28
  • Claremore over Del City, 44-34
  • Catoosa over Claremore, 47-30
  • Lawton Mac over Duncan, 40-22
  • Lawton Mac over Del City, 33-25
  • Moore over Lawton Mac, 38-36
  • Guthrie over Duncan, 36-32
  • Guthrie over El Reno, 41-36
  • Guthrie over Blanchard, 36-25
  • Tuttle over Guthrie, 54-21
  • Grove over Jay, 45-25
  • Salina over Grove, 34-30
  • Carl Albert over El Reno, 37-27
  • Del City over Carl Albert, 72-12


  • 2019 Skiatook over Piedmont, 29-25 
  • 2020 Skiatook over Collinsville, 32-28
  • 2021 Skiatook over Duncan, 42-27
  • 2022 Collinsville over Guthrie, 46-28
  • 2023 Elgin over Coweta, 40-27


  • 24 – Lawton Mac has qualified for Dual State 23 times (most in Class 5A)
  • 23 – This is Coweta’s 23rd Dual State appearance.
  • 13 – Carl Albert is making their 13th Dual State appearance.
  • 12 – Lawton Mac has made 12 appearances in the Dual State finals, including five times in a seven year span from 2012-2018.
  • 11 – This is Grove’s 11th time to qualify for Dual State and their 1st since 2019.
  • 7 – Elgin is making their 7th appearance at Dual State with their 1st time to qualify coming in 2017.
  • 7 – This is Claremore’s 7th time to qualify for Dual State and their 1st since 2011.
  • 7 – Chickasha is making their 7th Dual State appearance.
  • 5 – This is Guthrie 5th time to qualify for Dual State, and their 3rd trip in the past four years. 
  • 3 – Lawton Mac has won three Dual State titles, winning a title in 1990 and winning back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018.
  • 2 – Carl Albert won back-to-back Dual State titles in 1991 and 1992.
  • 2 – Claremore also won back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010.
  • 1 – Coweta won a Dual State title in 2016.  

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