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The Cowgirl Wrestling Club Team Looks to be the Stepping Stone for a Division One Program at Oklahoma State

Oklahoma State adding an official women’s wrestling program isn’t in the cards right now. At least it felt that way when I discussed it with OSU Athletic Director Chad Weiberg in 2022. Conference realignment, NIL, and other challenges have OSU in a position where they just weren’t ready to add and fund new sports at that moment.

That didn’t stop these girls from making something happen. Led by Cadence Dare, President of the Oklahoma State Cowgirl Wrestling Club, the girls got to work. Dare started rallying wrestlers and officers, and some support from The Cowboy Wrestling Club and RTC. They quickly established themselves as an official sports club at Oklahoma State, gathered coaching support from the RTC, attended clinics, started fundraising, received gear, and recruited high school athletes. They’ve even nearly set up their first competition, a dual with Oklahoma City University.

There is still work to be done, but Dare and others see this as a possible “stepping stone” towards an official Oklahoma State Women’s wrestling team. It’s thought that with some success and the right connections, namely funding, this may help pave the way for the athletic department to start an official program.

The club has twenty-two registered student-athletes with thirteen registered with USA Wrestling and their most active participants. This even includes one concurrent student from Stillwater High School who wrestles for the Pioneers and the OSU Club Team.

We spoke with Cadence, Cowboy RTC Club Coach Zoheir El Ouarraque, and four of their wrestlers on Thursday night at their practice.

You can watch those videos and learn more about the program at the links below.

Cadence Dare-Oklahoma State Cowgirl Wrestling Club President | Rokfin

Zoheir El Ouarraqe-Oklahoma State Cowgirl Wrestling Club | Rokfin

Trinity Caster-Oklahoma State Cowgirl Wrestling Club | Rokfin

Jayden Baca (Stillwater)-Oklahoma State Cowgirl Wrestling Club | Rokfin

Kodie Vega-Oklahoma State Cowgirl Wrestling Club | Rokfin

Kaliah Love-Oklahoma State Cowgirl Wrestling Club | Rokfin

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