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Dual State: Individual Rankings by the Numbers

Dual State: By the Numbers

With Dual state on Friday and Saturday, I thought it would be interesting to see how many ranked kids are going to be battling it out this weekend in Enid. I will be the first to acknowledge that rankings are what they are and in no way do they determine who will win, but from a fan’s perspective this could give some insight on what weights might be more exciting to watch this weekend! The best thing about duals over tournaments is the momentum that a team can really build when the guy before you gets a big win. I think some of these duals are likely going to come down to momentum and bonus points. 

Below are the number of ranked kids broken down by weight class. 

Class 3A Individual Rankings:

While Cascia Hall is listed in 4A in our rankings (The class they are in for Indiv. State) they have been included in the rankings here. With all their 5 ranked kids being ranked at the top, it is fair to assume that they would be ranked in 3A as well. Class 3A is bringing 69 total ranked kids this weekend. Looking at the numbers, 138 comes in with the most kids ranked. Bateman from Marlow and Velasquez from Cascia Hall likely lead the pack here, with almost every other team bringing a ranked kid. 106 lead by Brown from Blackwell, has quite a few ranked kids as well as 150. If we see a Pawnee vs Marlow dual, we could see a rematch between #1 Dawson and #2 Mittasch which could be a banger to see. 

Class 4A Individual Rankings:

Looking at the numbers, 4A is quite a bit more spread out then the other classes and comes in with the lowest total number of ranked kids at 61. 157 leads the weight classes here with 6 total ranked kids. The upper middle weights (150 – 165) looks to have the most depth in regards to the number of ranked kids. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some kids bump around, especially at these weights. 113 and 126 both quite a few ranked kids as well, with both weight classes having kids in the 2-4 spot, so look for some great competition around those weights as well. It is fair to assume that Tuttle is the likely favorite to run away with another title again this year, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be some matches that will be exciting to watch. 

Class 5A Individual Rankings

While many of the other classes have a clear one or two favorites, I think 5A is really up in the air, and the dual state champ will likely be decided on which team shows up ready to wrestle on Saturday. 5A has 73 total ranked kids wrestling this weekend. 138 has a whopping 7 of 8 kids ranked in the top 10 so there is going to be some action at that weight. Bratt from Chickasha leads the 138 class. 126, 150 and 165 all have 6 kids ranked, so definitely keep an eye on those weight classes as well. If Grove and Coweta win their first round, we could see a potential matchup between #1 Hollenbeck (Grove) and #2 Roberts (Coweta). Overall I think 5A, more than any of the other classes, will have the chess match of bumping kids around to create the best possible matchups for their team. 

Class 6A Individual Rankings: 

6A has far beyond the total number of ranked kids with 92 kids from the 8 teams wrestling this weekend. Almost every weight has the top 3 kids, with the exception of a few weights. 6A has the smallest number of overall teams and the difference between the top teams and bottom teams is quite stark, which likely leads to so many of the kids on these 8 teams finding their way into the rankings. Either way though, there is going to be some bangers and potentially quite a few top matchups. 126 takes the cake as all 8 teams have a kid ranked here. #1 Aguirre from Stillwater could take on #2 Belford of EN in the semi before potentially matching up with #3 Jones from Bixby in the finals. I think one I am most looking forward to is a potential rematch between #1 Routeledge and #2 Sommer. 120 has been a crazy weight in 6A this year and I expect that to likely be the case this post season as well. 

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