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Women’s Wrestling Approved as Club Sport Program at Oklahoma State

It’s not quite the massive announcement of an official program directly associated with the school athletic department, but some positive news on the women’s wrestling front at Oklahoma State was announced this week.

The women’s wrestling club at Oklahoma State was accepted as an official Club Sport Program.

Announced via their Instagram on Tuesday, the club that was started in 2022 by Cadence Dare has officially been approved by the university.

Adam Engel chronicled the beginnings of the program in a story with the O’Colly last December. At the time they were still needing additional team members to get approved.

The online roster now lists seventeen athletes ranging from freshmen to juniors. OCU, Carl Albert, and Northern Oklahoma College all have official teams, but this is the only known girls’ college club team in the state.

From the school website.

“Club Sports are responsible for their own administration, expenses and management. Club Sports are required to have a faculty/staff advisor, and may or may not have a coach. Club Sports travel to other college and universities to compete, and schedule their own practices, games and tournaments.”

Again, this still isn’t the official Division One announcement we’re all hoping for from the Oklahoma State Athletic Department. But it’s certainly a positive shot in the arm for women’s wrestling in Oklahoma, and specifically at Oklahoma State.

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