Oklahoma National Duals Recap

Oklahoma turned in several strong performances with seven teams earning Top 8 All-American finishes at the recent National Dual Tournament taking place at the Cox Business Center in Tulsa. The Junior Men’s teams earned four top 8 finishes with Oklahoma Red placing 5th in Freestyle and 8th in Greco while the Oklahoma Blue team placed 6th in both Freestyle and Greco.  In the Junior Women’s Greco Dual Tournament, Oklahoma earned a 5th place finish.  Also competing in Tulsa, the 14U Girls’ team earned two top-4 finishes with a 3rd place finish in Greco and a 4th place finish in Freestyle. 

Led by Blanchard’s Lynn Horn, Oklahoma had seven wrestlers named to the All-Tournament Team during the week.  To qualify for the All-Tournament Team, a wrestler had to go undefeated and record a minimum of five victories in the tournament.  Horn was named to the All-Tournament Team in both Freestyle and Greco as she blitzed the field going 16-0 with an amazing 14 falls and one tech fall.  In both tournaments, she led all wrestlers with the most falls in the least amount of time.  In the Greco Tournament, she only needed 6:06 to record seven falls and needed just six more seconds in the Freestyle Tournament, earning seven falls in 6:12, giving her an incredible 14 falls in 12:18 for the week.

Edmond North’s Bella Williams was named to the Greco All-Tournament Team after recording an 8-0 record and not allowing a point in the tournament.  Williams had five falls, an 8-0 tech fall win, 7-0 win and a win by forfeit.  Stillwater’s Ayden Thomas also turned in a dominating performance in going 8-0 with one fall, six tech falls and a win by forfeit.  In his six tech falls, Thomas outscored his opponents 65-2.  Other All-Tournament selections were; Christopher Kiser (Ponca City) who went 7-0 with four tech fall wins.  Edmond North’s Kody Routledge (6-0 with two tech falls), Devon Miller (Edmond North) who went 5-0 with two tech falls in the Greco Tournament and 14U Greco All-Tournament selection Clover Williams (Edmond North) who went 6-0 with two falls, and two tech falls.  

Listed below are wrestlers who won four or more matches by fall or tech fall in the tournament.

Junior Women’s Greco – 4 or more falls/tech falls

Lynn Horn – 8

Bella Williams – 6

Ryleigh Lefkowitz – 5

Trysten Rittberger – 4

Kendra Perrien – 4

Aiyana Perkins – 4

Junior Women’s Freestyle – 4 or more falls/tech falls

Lynn Horn – 7

Addie Morse – 7

Bella Williams – 6

Alexandria Ray – 5

Coty Sessions – 5

Trysten Rittberger – 4

Junior Men’s Freestyle – 4 or more falls/tech falls

Ayden Thomas – 7

Jersey Robb – 5

Payton Thomas – 5

Ishmael Guerrero – 4

JJ McComas-Rogers – 4

AJ Heeg – 4

Christopher Kiser – 4

Oscar Williams – 4

Talon McCollom – 4

Layton Schneider – 4

Junior Men’s Greco – 4 or more falls/tech falls

Jersey Robb – 4

Jayce Caviness – 4

Payton Thomas – 4

14U Girls Greco – 4 or more falls/tech falls

Parker Martinez – 5

Clover Williams – 4

Kyah Leyba – 4

14U Girls Freestyle – 4 or more falls/tech falls

Parker Martinez – 5

Emily Beckley – 4

Clover Williams – 4


14U – Head Coach Matthew Douglass (Moore), Assistant Coaches Shelby Morrison (Norman North) and Steven Moore (Cleveland).  Team members: Ivy Mullin, Emalyn Johnston-Stewart, Remy Whitney, Amiyah Marsh, Jaylyn Lazzerini, Victoria Apgar, Kyah Leyba, Bristol Norris, Emily Beckley, Clover Williams, Tiffany Breshears, Parker Martinez, Aspen Atkinson, Miangel Jackson, Riley Samarripa and Ashlee Motes.

Junior Women’s – Head Coach Tory Adams (Broken Arrow), Assistant Coaches Paul Mayfield (Bixby) and Kidd Gomez (Noble).  Team members: Addie Morse, Jadyn Roller, Coty Sessions, Aiyana Perkins, Bella Williams, Lynn Horn, Kendra Perrien, Trysten Rittberger, Aubrey Brown, Ryleigh Lefkowitz, Corin Lowe, Alexandria Ray, Symphony Veloz and Kinslee Collier.

Junior Men’s Oklahoma Red – Head Freestyle Coach Andy Schneider (Edmond North), Head Greco Coach Mike Miller (Lawton Mac), Assistant Coach Erik Ford (Piedmont).  Team members: Devin McCarty, Eric Casula, Jason Goodin, Jarrett Patty, Devon Miller, Hayden Wright, Christian Belford, Eli Kirk, Brayden Belford, Hudson Hackbarth, Hunter Hollingsworth, Dailey Jennings, Layton Schneider, Joseph Jeter, Kody Routledge, Brayden Lucas, Jude Randall, Talon McCollom, Holden Martin, Braden Brown, Payton Thomas, Oscar Williams, Brogan Hardy and Richard Thomas.

Junior Men’s Oklahoma Blue – Head Freestyle Coach Ray Blake (Bixby), assistant in Greco, Head Greco Coach Izack Wilson (Glenpool), assistant in Freestyle, and Zoheir El Ouarraqe (Coach Zo from Cowboy RTC) assisted in both styles.

Team members: Gavin Chatham, Aydan Thomas, Gavin Miller, Christopher Kiser, Sam Smith, Zane Donley, Gage Walker, Jayce Caviness, JJ McComas-Rogers, Garrett Salt, Severn Torres, Jim Mullin, Jace Roller, Cole Brooks, JD Sigman, Clayton Giddens, Ishmael Guerrero, Landyn Sommer, Jaxon Trotter, Jaxen Wright, AJ Heeg, Deontre Buttram, Jersey Robb, Wura Yinusa, Gunner Wilson and Mason Harris.


Junior Women’s Greco 

Bella Williams (Edmond North) 8-0 record with five falls, one tech fall (8-0), a 7-0 win and win by forfeit.  

Lynn Horn (Blanchard) 8-0 record with seven falls in 6:06 and one tech fall (8-0) (Tournament Leader for Most Falls in Least Time).  

Junior Women’s Freestyle

Lyn Horn (Blanchard) 8-0 record with seven falls in total time of 6:12 (Tournament Leader for Most Falls in Least Time).

Junior Men’s Freestyle

Ayden Thomas (Stillwater), 8-0 record with one fall, six tech falls and one forfeit (outscored opponents 65-2 in six tech fall wins).

Christopher Kiser (Ponca City), 7-0 record with four tech falls.

Kody Routledge (Edmond North), 6-0 record with 2 tech falls.

Junior Men’s Greco

Devin Miller (Edmond North), 5-0 record with two tech falls.

14U Girl’s Greco

Clover Williams (Edmond North), 6-0 record with two falls and two tech falls (outscored opponents 16-0)


All of the Oklahoma dual results can be found in the free Tournament Results section on the OWrestle website.

Junior Women’s Greco – 4th Place

Oklahoma Red placed 5th in the Junior Men’s Freestyle Tournament.

Oklahoma Blue placed 6th in the Junior Men’s Freestyle Tournament.

Oklahoma Blue placed 6th in the Junior Men’s Greco Tournament.

Oklahoma Red placed 8th in the Junior Men’s Greco Tournament. 

14U Girl’s Greco placed 3rd

14 U Girl’s Freestyle placed 4th 

Junior Men’s Freestyle – 39 teams entered

Top Eight Teams

1st Place – Illinois

2nd Place – Ohio Scarlet

3rd Place – Wisconsin

4th Place – Iowa

5th Place – Oklahoma Red

6th Place – Oklahoma Blue

7th Place – Minnesota Blue

8th Place – Idaho

Oklahoma Results

Oklahoma Red: 5th Place (5-3 Record)

Oklahoma Red defeated Georgia Blue, 61-8

Oklahoma Red defeated Washington, 53-15

Oklahoma Red defeated California 1, 36-32

Wisconsin defeated Oklahoma Red, 45-19

Iowa defeated Oklahoma Red, 34-31

Illinois defeated Oklahoma Red, 38-26

Oklahoma Red defeated Idaho, 49-21

Oklahoma Red defeated Oklahoma Blue, 36-31

Oklahoma Blue: 6th Place (5-3 record)

Oklahoma Blue defeated New Jersey, 42-24

Oklahoma Blue defeated Kansas Blue, 40-27

Oklahoma Blue defeated Pennsylvania, 37-27

Iowa defeated Oklahoma Blue, 35-31

Wisconsin defeated Oklahoma Blue, 50-16

Oklahoma Blue defeated Minnesota Blue, 45-23

Oklahoma Blue defeated Ohio Scarlet, 36-30

Oklahoma Red defeated Oklahoma Blue, 36-31

Junior Men’s Greco – 36 teams entered

Top Eight Teams

1st Place – Illinois

2nd Place – California Gold

3rd Place – Iowa

4th Place – Idaho

5th Place – Colorado

6th Place – Oklahoma Blue

7th Place – Pennsylvania

8th Place – Oklahoma Red

Oklahoma Results

Oklahoma Blue: 6th Place (3-4 Record)

Defeated Texas Red, 40-27

Defeated Minnesota Blue, 34-29

Lost to California Gold, 60-9

Lost to Iowa, 33-32

Lost to Illinois, 41-24

Defeated Pennsylvania, 37-31

Lost to Colorado, 57-11

Oklahoma Red: 8th Place (3-4 Record)

Defeated North Dakota Red, 57-12

Defeated Oregon, 52-17

Lost to Iowa, 40-28

Defeated California Gold, 33-30

Lost to Idaho, 34-30

Lost to Colorado, 48-19

Lost to Pennsylvania, 49-23

Junior Women’s Greco – 19 teams entered

Top Eight Teams

1st Place – California Red

2nd Place – Colorado

3rd Place – Utah

4th Place – Oklahoma Red

5th Place – Michigan

6th Place – Kansas

7th Place – Texas Red

8th Place – Pennsylvania Blue

Oklahoma Results: 4th Place (6-2 Record)

Defeated Georgia, 36-30

Defeated Ohio Blue, 41-25

Defeated California Blue, 35-27

Defeated Kansas, 37-33

Defeated Texas Red, 37-29

Defeated Michigan, 44-21

Lost to Colorado, 39-25

Lost to Utah, 48-21

Junior Women’s Freestyle – 41 teams entered

Top Eight Teams

1st Place – Missouri Fire

2nd Place – Michigan Blue

3rd Place – Pennsylvania Blue

4th Place – Ohio Red

5th Place – Colorado

6th Place – California Red

7th Place – Iowa

8th Place – Arizona Black

Oklahoma Results: 3rd Place in Green/Yellow Bracket (5-3 Record)

Lost to Utah, 47-19

Defeated California Blue, 37-29

Lost to Georgia Blue, 37-29

Defeated Virginia Red, 39-25

Defeated Minnesota Red, 51-11

Defeated Georgia Red, 55-7

Lost to Washington, 35-25

Defeated Texas Blue, 41-21

14U Girl’s Freestyle – 20 teams entered

Top Eight Teams

1st Place – Pennsylvania

2nd Place – Florida

3rd Place – Washington

4th Place – Oklahoma Blue

5th Place – Texas Red

6th Place – Tennessee

7th Place – Ohio

8th Place – Kansas

Oklahoma Results: 4th Place (5-3 Record)

Defeated Arkansas, 53-0

Defeated Minnesota Blue, 30-27

Defeated Arizona Black, 37-21

Lost to Texas Red, 28-27

Defeated Tennessee, 28-25

Lost to Pennsylvania, 45-19

Defeated Ohio, 31-24

Lost to Washington, 44-11

14U Girl’s Greco – 9 teams entered

Top Eight Teams

1st Place – PA Red

2nd Place – Minnesota

3rd Place – Oklahoma Blue

4th Place – Texas Blue

5th Place – Ohio Red

6th Place – Kansas

7th Place – Indiana

8th Place – South Carolina

Oklahoma Results: 3rd Place (6-2 Record)

Defeated North Carolina, 54-0

Lost to PA Red, 43-15

Defeated Ohio Red, 44-16

Defeated Kansas, 44-15

Defeated Indiana, 39-20

Defeated South Carolina, 34-22

Lost to Minnesota, 30-29

Defeated Texas Blue, 28-25

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