Oklahoma Junior Freestyle Team Finishes Second at National Duals

The Oklahoma Junior Greco team brought home a second place trophy on Thursday and this weekend the freestyle team, made up of a number of the wrestlers from the Greco team, aimed to overtake that honor and bring home the team title.

Starting on Friday, the freestyle team blew through their pool with relative ease. They dominated South Carolina 65-1, beat North Dakota 51-15, then in the final knocked off California 40-25.

In the Gold/Silver bracket things got a bit tougher. They started out with Ohio and after 285 the dual was still in doubt before Oklahoma won three of their last four matches by tech fall to outpace Ohio 38-28. Oklahoma then defeated New Jersey 35-33 in a dual that was a bit closer in the score than the actual performance as Oklahoma rested Harley Andrews and allowed forfeits at two of their final weights.

This set up a defacto semifinal with Minnesota. Oklahoma won eight matches with bonus points in that dual and received a forfeit to beat Minnesota 38-28. Minnesota went on to finish third while Oklahoma went on to the finals to face Iowa.

Oklahoma got off to a great start as Carter Young and Jordan Williams picked up decisions in the first two bouts. Iowa then rattled off six straight wins before Harley Andrews stopped the bleeding with a decision at 285. Oklahoma won two of the remaining six bouts and fell to Iowa 40-23.

Still quite the performance by the Oklahoma team to bring home two runner up finishes without a few of the state’s top guys in Cael Hughes, Anthony Ferrari, and Tate Picklo.

Carter Young, Jordan Williams, and Harley Andrews all went undefeated in the tournament. Complete results are listed below.

Pool D – Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red

Match #1 Quarterfinal

Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red defeated Team South Carolina 65-1

  • 220¬†–¬†Emmanuel Skillings (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forf
  • 285¬†–¬†Harley Andrews (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Dontavius Daniels (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 10-0
  • 100¬†–¬†Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†William Jakeway (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 10-0
  • 106¬†–¬†Christian Forbes (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forf
  • 113¬†–¬†Sam Smith (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forf
  • 120¬†–¬†Eli Griffin (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Bryson Harper (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 10-0
  • 126¬†–¬†Jayce Caviness (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Hassan Williams (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 11-0
  • 132¬†–¬†Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Ryu Brown (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 11-0
  • 138¬†–¬†Carter Young (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Yannis Charles (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 10-0
  • 145¬†–¬†Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forf
  • 152¬†–¬†Angelo Ferrari (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forf
  • 160¬†–¬†Ethan Beloncik (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Steel Walker (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 10-0
  • 170¬†–¬†Jaxon Randall (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Justin Hayes (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 20-10
  • 182¬†–¬†Eli Cordy (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Mason Parsons (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 10-0
  • 195¬†–¬†AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Zachary Hornsby (Team South Carolina)¬†TF 10-0

Match #2 Semifinal

Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red defeated North Dakota Blue 51-15

  • 285¬†–¬†John Wiese (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forf
  • 100¬†–¬†Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Charlie Irwin (North Dakota Blue)¬†Fall 1:50
  • 106¬†–¬†Christian Forbes (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forf
  • 113¬†–¬†Sam Smith (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Koye Grebel (North Dakota Blue)¬†TF 10-0
  • 120¬†–¬†Christian Tanefeu (North Dakota Blue)¬†over¬†Eli Kirk (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 15-14
  • 126¬†–¬†Wilfried Tanefeu (North Dakota Blue)¬†over¬†Kaden Smith (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 5-2
  • 132¬†–¬†Reece Barnhardt (North Dakota Blue)¬†over¬†Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 12-2
  • 138¬†–¬†Cole Brooks (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Isaac Felchle (North Dakota Blue)¬†TF 10-0
  • 145¬†–¬†Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Clay Radenz (North Dakota Blue)¬†TF 12-2
  • 152¬†–¬†Angelo Ferrari (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Tyler Porter (North Dakota Blue)¬†Fall 1:13
  • 160¬†–¬†John Wiley (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Kaden Renner (North Dakota Blue)¬†TF 10-0
  • 170¬†–¬†Brock Fettig (North Dakota Blue)¬†over¬†Ethan Beloncik (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 182¬†–¬†Samuel Schmidt (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Michael Clifton (North Dakota Blue)¬†TF 10-0
  • 195¬†–¬†AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Nathan Schauer (North Dakota Blue)¬†TF 10-0
  • 220¬†–¬†Emmanuel Skillings (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Beau Retzlaff (North Dakota Blue)¬†TF 12-0

Match #3 1st Place Match

Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red defeated California 40-25

  • 106¬†–¬†Christian Forbes (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Ray Ray Harris (California)¬†TF 12-2
  • 113¬†–¬†Isaiah Kainoa Medina (California)¬†over¬†Sam Smith (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 16-12
  • 120¬†–¬†Joey Cruz (California)¬†over¬†Eli Griffin (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 6-5
  • 126¬†–¬†Andre Gonzales (California)¬†over¬†Jayce Caviness (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 12-2
  • 132¬†–¬†Maxximus Martinez (California)¬†over¬†Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 138¬†–¬†Carter Young (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Johnny Lopez (California)¬†Dec 11-5
  • 145¬†–¬†Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Noah Tolentino (California)¬†Fall 2:46
  • 152¬†–¬†Angelo Ferrari (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Oscar Aranda (California)¬†Dec 5-3
  • 160¬†–¬†John Wiley (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Manuel (M.J.) Gaitan (California)¬†Dec 9-8
  • 170¬†–¬†Timothy McDonnell (California)¬†over¬†Jaxon Randall (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 182¬†–¬†Eli Cordy (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Cade Creighton (California)¬†Fall 4:00
  • 195¬†–¬†Kodiak Stephens (California)¬†over¬†AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 8-6
  • 220¬†–¬†Emmanuel Skillings (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Bradley Moore II (California)¬†TF 10-0
  • 285¬†–¬†Harley Andrews (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Daniel Herrera (California)¬†TF 10-0
  • 100¬†–¬†Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Marcus Tolentino (California)¬†Fall 1:21

Gold/Silver – Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red

2nd place

Match #1 Round 1

Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red defeated Ohio Red 38-28

  • 126¬†–¬†Brennen Cernus (Ohio Red)¬†over¬†Kaden Smith (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 8-2
  • 132¬†–¬†Ismael Ayoub (Ohio Red)¬†over¬†Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 12-2
  • 138¬†–¬†Carter Young (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Zack Mattin (Ohio Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 145¬†–¬†Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Kael Voinovich (Ohio Red)¬†TF 16-6
  • 152¬†–¬†Victor Voinovich (Ohio Red)¬†over¬†Angelo Ferrari (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 7-0
  • 160¬†–¬†John Wiley (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Alex Garee (Ohio Red)¬†Fall 3:30
  • 170¬†–¬†Dillon Walker (Ohio Red)¬†over¬†Jaxon Randall (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 3-2
  • 182¬†–¬†Samuel Schmidt (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Cole Hivnor (Ohio Red)¬†TF 12-2
  • 195¬†–¬†Dylan Fishback (Ohio Red)¬†over¬†AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Fall 4:53
  • 220¬†–¬†Logan Shephard (Ohio Red)¬†over¬†Jack Kitchingham (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 17-6
  • 285¬†–¬†Harley Andrews (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Aidan Fockler (Ohio Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 100¬†–¬†Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Javaan Yarbrough (Ohio Red)¬†TF 12-1
  • 106¬†–¬†Christian Forbes (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Brett Stanley (Ohio Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 113¬†–¬†Codie Cuerbo (Ohio Red)¬†over¬†Guy Clevenger (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 17-9
  • 120¬†–¬†Eli Griffin (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Marlon Yarbrough (Ohio Red)¬†TF 10-0

Match #2 Round 2

Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red defeated Team New Jersey 35-33

  • 126¬†–¬†Jayce Caviness (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forfeit
  • 132¬†–¬†Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Kelly Dunnigan (Team New Jersey)¬†Dec 13-7
  • 138¬†–¬†Carter Young (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Ethan Fernandez (Team New Jersey)¬†TF 10-0
  • 145¬†–¬†Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Ty Whalen (Team New Jersey)¬†TF 16-6
  • 152¬†–¬†Andrew Troczynski (Team New Jersey)¬†over¬†Angelo Ferrari (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 11-5
  • 160¬†–¬†John Wiley (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Hunter Gandy (Team New Jersey)¬†Fall 1:12
  • 170¬†–¬†Michael Dellagatta (Team New Jersey)¬†over¬†Jaxon Randall (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 14-12
  • 182¬†–¬†Brian Soldano (Team New Jersey)¬†over¬†Eli Cordy (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 195¬†–¬†Aaron Ayzerov (Team New Jersey)¬†over¬†AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Fall 5:59
  • 220¬†–¬†Emmanuel Skillings (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Michael Toranzo (Team New Jersey)¬†TF 15-4
  • 285¬†–¬†Max Acciardi (Team New Jersey)¬†over¬†John Wiese (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Fall 5:29
  • 100¬†–¬†Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Liam Clark (Team New Jersey)¬†TF 10-0
  • 106¬†–¬†Aidan Carmody (Team New Jersey)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forfeit
  • 113¬†–¬†Sam Smith (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Jeffrey Jacome (Team New Jersey)¬†TF 10-0
  • 120¬†–¬†Conor Collins (Team New Jersey)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forfeit

Match #3 Round 3

Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red defeated Minnesota Blue 38-27

  • 132¬†–¬†Koy Buesgens (Minnesota Blue)¬†over¬†Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 138¬†–¬†Carter Young (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Chase DeBlaere (Minnesota Blue)¬†TF 10-0
  • 145¬†–¬†Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Cole Becker (Minnesota Blue)¬†TF 11-0
  • 152¬†–¬†Cael Swensen (Minnesota Blue)¬†over¬†Angelo Ferrari (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 8-2
  • 160¬†–¬†John Wiley (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Landen Johnson (Minnesota Blue)¬†Fall 0:59
  • 170¬†–¬†Jaxon Randall (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Unknown (Unattached)¬†Forfeit
  • 182¬†–¬†Bennett Berge (Minnesota Blue)¬†over¬†Samuel Schmidt (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 195¬†–¬†Quayin Short (Minnesota Blue)¬†over¬†Eli Cordy (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 11-0
  • 220¬†–¬†Gavin Nelson (Minnesota Blue)¬†over¬†Emmanuel skillings (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 285¬†–¬†Harley Andrews (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Gavin Layton (Minnesota Blue)¬†TF 14-2
  • 100¬†–¬†Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Parker Lyden (Minnesota Blue)¬†Dec 8-1
  • 106¬†–¬†Christian Forbes (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Brandon Morvari (Minnesota Blue)¬†TF 10-0
  • 113¬†–¬†Caleb Thoennes (Minnesota Blue)¬†over¬†Sam Smith (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 120¬†–¬†Eli Griffin (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Reid Nelson (Minnesota Blue)¬†TF 12-2
  • 126¬†–¬†Jayce Caviness (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†AJ Smith (Minnesota Blue)¬†TF 18-7

Match #4 1st Place Match

Iowa defeated Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red 40-23

  • 138¬†–¬†Carter Young (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Joel Jesuroga (Iowa)¬†Dec 4-1
  • 145¬†–¬†Jordan Williams (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Caleb Rathjen (Iowa)¬†Dec 8-7
  • 152¬†–¬†Jack Gaukel (Iowa)¬†over¬†Angelo Ferrari (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 10-5
  • 160¬†–¬†Aiden Riggins (Iowa)¬†over¬†John Wiley (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 7-4
  • 170¬†–¬†Gabe McGeough (Iowa)¬†over¬†Jaxon Randall (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 10-9
  • 182¬†–¬†Griffin Gammell (Iowa)¬†over¬†Samuel Schmidt (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 195¬†–¬†Wyatt Voelker (Iowa)¬†over¬†AJ Heeg (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†Dec 4-2
  • 220¬†–¬†Ben Kueter (Iowa)¬†over¬†Emmanuel skillings (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 285¬†–¬†Harley Andrews (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Bradley Hill (Iowa)¬†Dec 12-9
  • 100¬†–¬†Dru Ayala (Iowa)¬†over¬†Treshaun Tecson (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 10-0
  • 106¬†–¬†Christian Forbes (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Carson Doolittle (Iowa)¬†Dec 14-5
  • 113¬†–¬†Nathanael Jesuroga (Iowa)¬†over¬†Guy Clevenger (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 14-2
  • 120¬†–¬†Eli Griffin (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†over¬†Chad Bellis (Iowa)¬†TF 12-0
  • 126¬†–¬†Drake Ayala (Iowa)¬†over¬†Jayce Caviness (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 13-2
  • 132¬†–¬†Ryder Block (Iowa)¬†over¬†Jordan Cullors (Oklahoma Outlaws FS Red)¬†TF 15-4

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