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Northern Iowa Head Coach Doug Schwab Shares His Thoughts on OU and the Future of the Big 12 Conference

The talk of nearly all of college athletics the past few weeks has almost all been focused on OU and Texas’ move from the Big 12 to the SEC.

The big question in the wrestling world that is created from that is what is going to happen with OU as the SEC does not sponsor wrestling? Will they remain in the Big 12 for wrestling or will they go somewhere else?

One of the Big 12’s top coaches shared his thoughts on the situation when asked on Twitter on Sunday.

Northern Iowa’s head coach Doug Schwab is OK with OU staying in and if given a vote would vote to allow them to stay. He added further that he loves the conference, and is excited to be adding Missouri next season.

There’s still a lot of “wait and see” with OU’s conference situation as at this point as no one really knows what will happen. But they seem to have securely garnered the support of at least one Big 12 coach in UNI’s Doug Schwab.

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