Moore Holiday Classic Recap. (OKWA)

Complete organized chaos is what I would call Saturday in Moore, Ok. Over 1200+ kids between the ages of 6 and under up to 15 and under battled for the ring and the honor of being called King and Queen of the mat.

Some of the best kids from all over the state and Texas showed up to battle. Battle they did and we’re awarded custom awards for each divisions O.W. and each individual weight champion received a ring. 

The Lion Wrestling Academy put on a great tournament, now in year 17 the tournament just seems to draw great competition and kids from all over Oklahoma, the Texas Panhandle, and Dallas area. For 15 dollars dollars to enter there was sure to be some great matches.   

These kids all toed the line and absolutely killed it Saturday. With so many entrants the Moore Holiday Classic ran 16 mats, there were 12 in the main gym and 4 in the aux gym. Wins, loses, upsets, comebacks.

This tournament reminded me of the way tournaments used to be before the split. The tournament ran smoothly and all the matches were over by 6pm.

There’s nothing like this sport, spending all day chasing gold after grinding all week long

The O.W. of the tournament were


  • 6u Knoxson Leslie (CHOCTAW)
  • 8u Aaron Delgado (TUTTLE)
  • 10u Kiah Locust (COWBOY WRESTLING CLUB)
  • 12u Given Martinez (MAVERICK ELITE)
  • 15u Jace Reed (LWA)


  • 6u Piper Norell (TUTTLE)
  • 8u Emerson Edge (PIEDMONT)
  • 10u KiMorah Cathey (TEAM TULSA)
  • 12u Riane Robinett (LITTLE AXE)
  • 15u Myleigh Hammarbeck (RANDALL)
  • Team


  • 8u Team Tulsa
  • 10u L.W.A.
  • 12u L.W.A.
  • 15u L.W.A.


  • 6u Tuttle
  • 8u Chickasha
  • 10u Hinton
  • 12u Little Axe 
  • 15u L.W.A

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