Larry Wilkey Invitational

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The Jenks Tournament with 24 teams went off without a hitch and in this pandemic time that can be scary, but it wasn’t at this tournament. 

Larry Wilkey and the Jenks Tournament Staff followed protocol to a T.  They social distanced each team from each other, mask-wearing at all times unless wrestling, each morning at weigh in the wrestlers and staff’s temperatures were taken, not allowing fans were all for the wrestlers and their coaches safety.  

The tournament was unseeded so there were some crazy match ups early. Luckily they did have true 2nd which means anyone who wins the 3rd place match could challenge for 2nd place if they did not wrestle wrestle the person who took 2nd. 

At 106 we had (2) 6A ranked wrestler wrestle first round Yancy Kite (Moore) and Dariuz Black (Union).  Kite (Moore) ended up winning that match. 

At 126 Parker Witcraft (BA) had Jace Roller (Bixby) second round.  Jace went on to make it to the finals and place 2nd

At 138 Carter Young (Stillwater) had Hudson Neeley (Deer Creek) first round.  That sent Hudson the backside where he battled back and was able to wrestle for true 2nd and win that match again Layton Schneider (Edmond N). 

At 145 Cade Manion (Deer Creek) had Blazik Perez (BA) both 6A ranked wrestlers and unfortunately Blazik was hurt in that match and had to forfeit and didn’t return to the mat the rest of the tournament.

At 170 Chance Davis (Enid) had Payton Thomas both ranked at 6A. Then the very next round he had Jaxon Randall (Edmond N).  Chance Davis went on to win that bracket. 

At 182 Brayden Bowman (Edmond N) had Ramses Soto (BA) both 6A ranked wrestlers.  Brayden Bowman went on to win the bracket. 

At 195 Gabe Chesbro (Bishop Kelley) #1 in 5A went against Jersey Robb (Bixby) #2 in 6A first round.  Jersey Robb went on to win that bracket. 


  1. Stillwater
  2. Edmond North
  3. Bixby
  4. Broken Arrow
  5. Glenpool

The coaches also voted for 2 Outstanding Wrestlers one for the lower weights and one for upper weights.  The lower weight OW went to Zeke Escalera (Moore) who wrestled Jace Roller (Bixby) in the finals. Zeke wrestled tough and looked like a true technician.  The upper OW went to Lane Parks (Yukon) who pinned David Steiger (Southmoore) in the finals match.

Championship Photos by Austin Bernard

1st Place – Sam Smith of Stillwater
2nd Place – Aiden Godbehere of Edmond North
3rd Place – Garrett McChesney of Deer Creek
4th Place – Dillon Ryan of Yukon
5th Place – Blade Walden of Muskogee
6th Place – Gannon Morales of Westmoore
1st Place – Clayton Giddens-Buttram of Bixby
2nd Place – Hunter Hollingsworth of Edmond North
3rd Place – Kalib Nolan of Putnam City
4th Place – Kaleb Collins of Broken Arrow Hs
5th Place – Gabe Fontanez of Stillwater
6th Place – Gaige Stock of Salina
1st Place – Rhett Peak of Broken Arrow Hs
2nd Place – Brayden Belford of Edmond North
3rd Place – Jonah Hanscom of Yukon
4th Place – Mario Ewing of Westmoore
5th Place – Jarrod Gilliam of Union
6th Place – Evan Rodriguez of Broken Arrow Hs
1st Place – Zeke Escalera of Moore
2nd Place – Jace Roller of Bixby
3rd Place – JJ (Rogers) McComas of Stillwater
4th Place – Aiden Boyd of Claremore
5th Place – Reginald Jones of Westmoore
6th Place – Hunter Fitzpatrick of Salina
1st Place – Zach Blankenship of Bixby
2nd Place – Cade Nicholas of Stillwater
3rd Place – Kaden Stanley of Claremore
4th Place – Landyn Sommer of Stillwater
5th Place – Landon Valenzuela of Southmoore
6th Place – Garrett Stinchcomb of Broken Arrow Hs
1st Place – Carter Young of Stillwater
2nd Place – Hudson Neeley of Deer Creek
3rd Place – Layton Schneider of Edmond North
4th Place – Jace Ellis of Glenpool
5th Place – Garrett Washington of Bixby
6th Place – Christian McClain of Moore
1st Place – Teague Travis of Stillwater
2nd Place – Cade Manion of Deer Creek
3rd Place – Austin Mason of Edmond North
4th Place – Duke McGill of Bartlesville
5th Place – Bronson Burcham of Coweta Public School
6th Place – Jonathan Kelvington of Jenks
1st Place – Angelo Ferrari of Stillwater
2nd Place – Jared Hill of Broken Arrow Hs
3rd Place – Agustus Edwards of Glenpool
4th Place – Noah Smith of Union
5th Place – Jake Wright of Southmoore
6th Place – Talon McCollom of Edmond North
1st Place – Braden Anderson of Broken Arrow Hs
2nd Place – Anthony Ferrari of Stillwater
3rd Place – Jack Wilkins of Salina
4th Place – Ethan Ooten of Edmond North
5th Place – Daigen Gibbens of Enid
6th Place – Kevin Lund of Glenpool
1st Place – Chance Davis of Enid
2nd Place – Jaxon Randall of Edmond North
3rd Place – Gabriel Roland of Ponca City Senior
4th Place – Dayton Hill of Broken Arrow Hs
5th Place – Erik McCown of Bixby
6th Place – Garrett Wells of Glenpool
1st Place – Brayden Bowman of Edmond North
2nd Place – Gage Hamm of Coweta Public School
3rd Place – Ramses Soto of Broken Arrow Hs
4th Place – Gavin Koehler of Union
5th Place – Gatlin Wilson of Stillwater
6th Place – Johnny Villa of Enid
1st Place – Jersey Robb of Bixby
2nd Place – Brett Black of Stillwater
3rd Place – Ricky Thomas of Edmond North
4th Place – Gabe Chesbro of Bishop Kelley
5th Place – Carlos Alvarado of Enid
6th Place – Joe Stover of Southmoore
1st Place – Isaac Gibson of Bixby
2nd Place – Hayden Crawley of Jenks
3rd Place – Gabe Mullaney of Edmond North
4th Place – Blake Jaques of Moore
5th Place – Eli Fadeyev of Coweta Public School
6th Place – Jaylen Pounds of Moore
1st Place – Lane Parks of Yukon
2nd Place – Tyler Rich of Owasso
3rd Place – David Steiger of Southmoore
4th Place – Caleb Phillips of Coweta Public School
5th Place – Adley Bufford of Edmond Santa Fe
6th Place – Gavin Daniels of Moore

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