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3A Individual & Team Rankings Updated

And we are off. We are a few weeks into the season and Owrestle has released the 3A individual and team ranjings. Vinita, Bridge Creek, and Blackwell start off the season with six wrestlers ranked each.

3A has the most overall parity of all the classes in Oklahoma, with Bridge Creek leading the way in first place followed by Blackwell and Salina. Team points are calculated by individual rankings, not team head-to-head competetion.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 5 teams ranked. Overall, Owrestle has 33 teams ranked in 3A:

  1. Bridge Creek
  2. Blackwell
  3. Salina
  4. Berryhill
  5. Vinita

Now, onto the individual rankings. This first set Owrestle has ranked the top six wrestlers at each weight. The junior class leads the way with 35 wrestlers while the senior class has 29 wrestlers ranked. We are still getting leads and data on the incoming freshman class where we have three freshman ranked.


  1. Aidan O`Dell, Junior, Blackwell
  2. 2 Gaige Stock, Junior, Salina
  3. 3 Gage Graham, Junior Sulphur

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