McArthur Open (November 6, 2021)

High School – 109

1st Place – Caden McElroy of Chickasha 

2nd Place – Connor Cavins of Lawton Ike

3rd Place – Connor Rodriguez of Cache

4th Place – Dakota Filikatube of Hinton 

1st Place Match: Caden McElroy (Chickasha) won by fall over Connor Cavins (Lawton Ike) (Fall 0:21)

3rd Place Match: Connor Rodriguez (Cache) won by fall over Dakota Filikatube (Hinton) (Fall 0:54)

High School – 116

1st Place – Dylan Bratt of Chickasha

2nd Place – Felipe Villarreal of Duncan

3rd Place – Logan Crawford of Lawton Ike 

4th Place – Charlie Shafer of Cache

1st Place Match: Dylan Bratt (Chickasha) won by decision over Felipe Villarreal (Duncan) (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match: Logan Crawford (Lawton Ike) won by decision over Charlie Shafer (Cache) (Dec 4-2)

High School – 123

1st Place – Brycen Raznic of Hinton 

2nd Place – Celson Barahona of Pauls Valley

3rd Place – Ramaj Smith of Midwest City

4th Place – Mason Daugherty of Cache

1st Place Match: Brycen Raznic (Hinton) won by fall over Celson Barahona (Pauls Valley) (Fall 2:00)

3rd Place Match: Ramaj Smith (Midwest City) won by decision over Mason Daugherty (Cache) (Dec 10-4)

High School – 129

1st Place – Tag Ensey of Duncan

2nd Place – Kaleb Kerr of Midwest City

3rd Place – Caison Muncrief of Chickasha

4th Place – Jagor Turner of Hinton

1st Place Match: Tag Ensey (Duncan) won by decision over Kaleb Kerr (Midwest City) (Dec 9-2)

3rd Place Match: Caison Muncrief (Chickasha) won by fall over Jagor Turner (Hinton) (Fall 2:32)

High School – 135

1st Place – Kaden Wallace of MacArthur

2nd Place – Ian Hodge of Cache

3rd Place – Nino Vidic of Elgin

4th Place – Shepard Harrison of Cache

1st Place Match: Kaden Wallace (MacArthur) won by decision over Ian Hodge (Cache) (Dec 9-2)

3rd Place Match

Nino Vidic (Elgin) won by fall over Shepard Harrison (Cache) (Fall 1:32)

High School – 141

1st Place – Aubrey Ryans of Chickasha

2nd Place – Paeton Dial of Duncan

3rd Place – Jackson Salie of Marlow

4th Place – Parker Davis of Marlow 

1st Place Match: Aubrey Ryans (Chickasha) won by fall over Paeton Dial (Duncan) (Fall 0:45)

3rd Place Match: Jackson Salie (Marlow) won by decision over Parker Davis (Marlow) (Dec 6-5)

High School – 148

1st Place – Kyle Harrall of Hinton 

2nd Place – Calvin Moon of MacArthur

3rd Place – Dayton Cross of Duncan 

4th Place – Christian Morales of MacArthur

1st Place Match: Kyle Harrall (Hinton) won in sudden victory – 1 over Calvin Moon (MacArthur) (SV-1 4-2)

3rd Place Match: Dayton Cross (Duncan) won by fall over Christian Morales (MacArthur) (Fall 0:52)

High School – 155

1st Place – Eli Ramirez of Duncan

2nd Place – Ethan Hayden of Midwest City

3rd Place – Aidan Ferrara of Cache

4th Place – Miles Walz of Elgin

1st Place Match: Eli Ramirez (Duncan) won by decision over Ethan Hayden (Midwest City) (Dec 4-2)

3rd Place Match: Aidan Ferrara (Cache) won by fall over Miles Walz (Elgin Owls) (Fall 1:12)

High School – 163

1st Place – Brayden Dougherty of Chickasha 

2nd Place – Elijah Smith of Cache

3rd Place – Cody Davis of Marlow 

4th Place – Jesse Chavez of MacArthur

1st Place Match: Brayden Dougherty (Chickasha) won by decision over Elijah Smith (Cache) (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match: Cody Davis (Marlow) won by decision over Jesse Chavez (MacArthur) (Dec 7-0)

High School – 173

1st Place – Cameron Atwood of Cache

2nd Place – Collen Hart of MacArthur

3rd Place – Kale Visnieski of Weatherford

4th Place – Nathan Henry of Duncan 

1st Place Match: Cameron Atwood (Cache) won by decision over Collen Hart (MacArthur) (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match: Kale Visnieski (Weatherford) won by fall over Nathan Henry (Duncan) (Fall 2:59)

High School – 185

1st Place – Braden Brown of MacArthur

2nd Place – Ethan Bracken of Weatherford

3rd Place – Blake Boren of Duncan

Round 1: Ethan Bracken (Weatherford) won by fall over Blake Boren (Duncan) (Fall 1:59)

Round 2: Braden Brown (MacArthur) won by tech fall over Blake Boren (Duncan) (TF 21-6)

Round 3: Braden Brown (MacArthur) won by tech fall over Ethan Bracken (Weatherford) (TF 20-4)

High School – 198

1st Place – Parker Henry of MacArthur

2nd Place – Greg Osborn of Elgin

3rd Place – Jeffrey Barrett of Lawton Ike 

4th Place – Robert McClain of MacArthur

1st Place Match: Parker Henry (MacArthur) won by major decision over Greg Osborn (Elgin) (Maj 14-1)

3rd Place Match: Jeffrey Barrett (Lawton Ike) won by fall over Robert McClain (MacArthur) (Fall 2:56)

High School – 223

1st Place – Izeaha Freeborn of Weatherford

2nd Place – Tyler Gares of Cache

3rd Place – Juan Pena of Midwest City

4th Place – Chris Shaw of MacArthur

Round 1

Izeaha Freeborn (Weatherford) won by decision over Tyler Gares (Cache) (Dec 12-5)

Juan Pena (Midwest City) won by decision over Chris Shaw (MacArthur) (Dec 8-1)

Round 2

Tyler Gares (Cache) won by fall over Chris Shaw (MacArthur) (Fall 1:30)

Izeaha Freeborn (Weatherford) won by fall over Juan Pena (Midwest City) (Fall 1:21)

Round 3

Tyler Gares (Cache) won by fall over Juan Pena (Midwest City) (Fall 1:39)

Izeaha Freeborn (Weatherford) won by forfeit over Chris Shaw (MacArthur) (FF)

High School – 288

1st Place – Austin Poe of Midwest City

2nd Place – Logan Jenson of MacArthur

Round 1: Austin Poe (Midwest City) won by forfeit over Logan Jenson (MacArthur) (FF)

Round 2: Austin Poe (Midwest City) won by forfeit over Logan Jenson (MacArthur) (FF)