Girls State Tournament (Feb. 25-26, 2022)

Girls State Tournament

February 25-26, 2022

Site: Jim Norick Arena, Oklahoma City

Top 15 Team Scores

1.Union60 6.Yukon30 9.Little Axe24
2.Bixby52 7.Noble29 12.Jay23
3.Vian44 8.Guthrie27 13.Mustang22
4.Moore40 9.Edmond North24 13.Broken Arrow22
5.Elgin39 9.Fort Gibson24 15.Choctaw21.5

Outstanding Wrestler: Bella Williams (Edmond North) – 114 lbs.


1st Place – Jadyn Roller of Bixby

2nd Place – Ashley Johnson of Poteau

3rd Place – Addison Polk of Durant

4th Place – Emma Wissman-Travis of Sallisaw

1st Place Match: Jadyn Roller (Bixby) 17-2, Fr. over Ashley Johnson (Poteau) 19-6, So. (Dec 6-4)

3rd Place Match: Addison Polk (Durant) 23-2, So. over Emma Wissman-Travis (Sallisaw) 24-8, Jr. (Dec 7-1)


1st Place – Peyton Hand of Choctaw

2nd Place – Harley Stringer of Moore

3rd Place – Nevaeh Tagg of Jay

4th Place – Beyonce Coronado of Altus

1st Place Match: Peyton Hand (Choctaw) 19-1, . over Harley Stringer (Moore) 20-3, Jr. (Fall 1:30)

3rd Place Match: Nevaeh Tagg (Jay) 31-7, So. over Beyonce Coronado (Altus) 28-14, Jr. (Dec 8-2)


1st Place – Bella Williams of Edmond North

2nd Place – Devin Jansing of Norman North

3rd Place – Madison Roe of Wilburton/Moyers

4th Place – Daityn Webb of Sulphur

1st Place Match: Bella Williams (Edmond North) 25-0, Fr. over Devin Jansing (Norman North) 18-2, Jr. (Fall 2:24)

3rd Place Match: Madison Roe (Wilburton/Moyers) 29-3, So. over Daityn Webb (Sulphur) 21-5, . (Dec 1-0)


1st Place – Khaleah Kirk of Guthrie

2nd Place – Chanelle Alburg of Union

3rd Place – Kurrstin Howell of Noble

4th Place – Damiyah Smith of Miami

1st Place Match: Khaleah Kirk (Guthrie) 21-0, Jr. over Chanelle Alburg (Union) 14-2, Jr. (Fall 1:58)

3rd Place Match: Kurrstin Howell (Noble) 24-2, So. over Damiyah Smith (Miami) 15-7, So. (Dec 10-4)


1st Place – Avery Richey of Vian

2nd Place – Rain VanTassel of Hinton

3rd Place – Shelby Kemp of Moore

4th Place – Isabel Limon of Stilwell

1st Place Match: Avery Richey (Vian) 26-0, So. over Rain VanTassel (Hinton) 22-3, . (Dec 5-3)

3rd Place Match: Shelby Kemp (Moore) 19-4, So. over Isabel Limon (Stilwell) 27-13, Sr. (Fall 1:19)


1st Place – Samara Markwardt of Will Rogers

2nd Place – Aubrianna Smith of Westmoore

3rd Place – Ciara Franco-Shrum of Jay

4th Place – Ainsley Jennings of Little Axe

1st Place Match: Samara Markwardt (Will Rogers) 15-3, Sr. over Aubrianna Smith (Westmoore) 26-3, Jr. (Fall 4:59)

3rd Place Match: Ciara Franco-Shrum (Jay) 38-8, Jr. over Ainsley Jennings (Little Axe) 19-5, Fr. (Fall 0:34)


1st Place – Taya Hunt of Vian

2nd Place – Shelby Shoemate of Noble

3rd Place – Elizabeth Mullendore of Little Axe

4th Place – Chanelle Brown of Elgin

1st Place Match: Taya Hunt (Vian) 19-0, Jr. over Shelby Shoemate (Noble) 21-4, So. (Fall 1:49)

3rd Place Match: Elizabeth Mullendore (Little Axe) 18-4, Sr. over Chanelle Brown (Elgin) 6-4, . (Dec 5-2)


1st Place – Mia Cayard of Mustang

2nd Place – Emma Thompson of Bixby

3rd Place – Madison Byroads of Henryetta

4th Place – Carli Watson of Elgin

1st Place Match: Mia Cayard (Mustang) 6-0, Jr. over Emma Thompson (Bixby) 23-2, Sr. (Dec 7-0)

3rd Place Match: Madison Byroads (Henryetta) 24-2, Sr. over Carli Watson (Elgin) 5-3, . (MD 12-0)


1st Place – Peighton Mullins of Ft. Gibson

2nd Place – Grace Thompson of Bixby

3rd Place – Kaylee Davis of Yukon

4th Place – Hannah Koen of Comanche

1st Place Match: Peighton Mullins (Ft. Gibson) 18-0, So. over Grace Thompson (Bixby) 19-5, Jr. (Fall 2:42)

3rd Place Match: Kaylee Davis (Yukon) 25-2, So. over Hannah Koen (Comanche) 23-8, So. (Fall 2:41)


1st Place – Symphony Veloz of Elgin

2nd Place – Sidney Milligan of Owasso

3rd Place – Ma`ryia Hawkins of Douglass

4th Place – Trysten Rittberger of Yukon

1st Place Match: Symphony Veloz (Elgin) 6-0, . over Sidney Milligan (Owasso) 13-1, Jr. (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match: Ma`ryia Hawkins (Douglass) 16-3, Fr. over Trysten Rittberger (Yukon) 23-6, So. (Fall 3:36)


1st Place – Kali Hayden of Union

2nd Place – Cilee Turner of Lexington

3rd Place – Caris Morris of Sapulpa

4th Place – Hannah Lightfoot of Sallisaw

1st Place Match: Kali Hayden (Union) 16-0, So. over Cilee Turner (Lexington) 19-4, So. (Fall 0:53)

3rd Place Match: Caris Morris (Sapulpa) 23-5, Fr. over Hannah Lightfoot (Sallisaw) 17-10, So. (Fall 5:23)


1st Place – Ki`Eisha Cathey of Broken Arrow

2nd Place – Azreal Smith of Union

3rd Place – Addyson Lindsey of Norman

4th Place – Tanika Anderson of Will Rogers

1st Place Match: Ki`Eisha Cathey (Broken Arrow) 9-7, Sr. over Azreal Smith (Union) 15-1, Fr. (Dec 4-1)

3rd Place Match: Addyson Lindsey (Norman) 7-1, Sr. over Tanika Anderson (Will Rogers) 10-5, Sr. (Fall 5:52)