Summer wrestling makes Winter Champs, Oklahoma wrestlers are set for big things this winter

If the saying “Summer Wrestling Makes Winter Champions” is true, then a record number of Oklahoma wrestlers are set for big things this winter!  Competing recently at “Fargo”, officially known as the 2021 US Marine Corps 16U and Junior National, Team Oklahoma crowned three national champions and earned 18 All-American honors in the most prestigious tournament of the year. 

Team Oklahoma was represented by an incredible 167 wrestlers competing in this summertime classic.  Many of the wrestlers doubled up by competing in both the freestyle and Greco tournaments as Team Oklahoma had a total of 233 entries in the week-long tournament.  Not only was this a record number of entries from Oklahoma, the total number of entries set a tournament record.  The previous record was 5,374 in 2019, but this year an astounding 5,900 wrestlers competed for the coveted “stop sign.”

Leading the way for Oklahoma were national champions Jordan Williams, Zane Donley and Oscar Williams.  Williams also earned All-American honors in Greco and was joined by Christian Forbes, KJ Evans, and Talon McCollom in earning All-American honors in both freestyle and Greco.  Other All-Americans were Treshaun Tecson, Harley Andrews, Hayden Simpson, Clayton Giddens, JJ McComas-Rogers, Layton Schneider, Erik McCown, Richard Thomas, Allison Hynes and Kaylee Davis.

Coaches making the trip to Fargo included; Hardell Moore, Kelly Henderson, Zach Randall, Albert White, Shane Roller, Andy Schneider, Tyrone Lewis, Izach Wilson, Mike Miller, Ethan Kyle, Mike Walkup, Ty Bowling, Ashton Cooper, Colby Robinson, Jay Howard, Nik Turner, Johnny Cook, Tony Cook, Nicole Tyson, Karissa Avalone, Alvie Killingsworth and Shelby Morrison.

Listed below are the dedicated and committed wrestlers from Oklahoma that competed in the tournament.


Junior – Freestyle
100Zane Donley1st 
100Treshaun Tecson3rd 
106Christian Forbes4th 
145Jordan Williams1st 
285Harley Andrews8th 
Junior – Greco
106Christian Forbes4th 
152Jordan Williams6th 
285Hayden Simpson7th 
U16 – Freestyle
126Clayton Giddens7th 
152KJ Evans2nd 
160Talon McCollom5th 
U16 – Greco
132JJ McComas-Rogers6th
138Jude Randall4th
145Layton Schneider6th 
152KJ Evans4th 
160Talon McCollom5th 
170Oscar Williams1st 
182Erik McCown7th 
195Richard Thomas5th 
Junior – Women
117Allison Hynes8th 
U16 – Women
164Kaylee Davis7th 

Junior Freestyle (68 wrestlers)                                                         Junior Greco (41 wrestlers)

Team Oklahoma – 9th Place (79 points)                                       Team Oklahoma – 20th Place (24 points)

100Zane Donley5-01st 106Christian Forbes4-2
100Treshaun Tecson4-13rd 113Shelton Chastain2-2
106Christian Forbes4-24th 120AB Stokes1-2
106Dakota Sherrer2-2113Cameron Fansler0-2
106Riley Kuder0-2120Eli Kirk1-2
113Sam Smith4-2120Hunter Tadych0-2
113Guy Clevenger3-2126Kaden Smith3-2
113Shelton Chastain2-2126Riddick Nash0-2
113Aiden Godbehere1-2126Michael Fredrickson0-2
113AB Stokes0-2126Rhett Peak2-2
113Cameron Fansler0-2132Chris Ansersen0-2
120Eli Kirk3-2152Kolby Depron3-2
120William Heger3-2132Nino Vidic0-2
120Jayce Caviness2-2138JJ Long5-2
120Gabriel Fontanez1-2138Diego Ortiz0-2
120Hunter Tadych1-2145Jordan Cullors1-2
126Kaden Smith2-2138Christopher Cayard1-2
126Brock Gowens1-2138Garrett Kernell0-2
126Brody Gee1-2145JP Martinez1-2
126Preston Lee1-2145Jordan Williams5-36th 
126Michael Fredrickson0-2145Trinit Zwelfel2-2
126Rhett Peak0-2145Boston Powell2-2
132Jaxon Koeltzow2-2145Kai Shultz2-2
132Chris Ansersen1-2145Kaiden Livingston1-2
132Elijah Reece1-2152Noah Smith3-2
132Matthew Garcia0-2152Lake Epperson2-2
132Parker Witcraft0-2160Braden Anderson1-2
138Cole Brooks8-2160Ethan Beloncik1-2
138Reese Davis4-2160Dezmen Loving1-2
138Cameron Steed2-2160Caden Elliott0-2
138Jordan Cullors1-2170Jaxon Randall6-2
138Cutter Sheets0-2170TJ Ramsey0-2
138Garrett Kernell0-2170Fab Smith0-2
138JP Martinez0-2182Garrett Wells4-2
145Jordan Williams7-01st 182Payton Thomas1-2
145Teague Travis8-2182Parker Henry1-2
145Boston Powell2-2195Joshua Banta0-2
145Kai Shultz1-2195Cory Monroe3-2
152Bam West3-2220Landon Newlin1-2
152Garrett Washington2-2220Cayden Felts0-2
152Noah Smith2-2285Hayden Simpson6-27th 
152Jordan Lomeli1-2
152Lake Epperson0-2
160Braden Anderson4-2
160Ethan Beloncik3-2
160Bobby Felts0-2
160Caden Elliott0-2
170Jaxon Randall4-2
170Spencer Rochelle3-2
170Tucker Waitman1-2
170Fab Smith0-2
182Garrett Wells5-2
182Benjamin Mower4-2
182Payton Thomas4-2
182John Roberts3-2
182Samuel Schmidt3-2
182Eli Cordy2-2
182Parker Henry0-2
195AJ Heeg4-2
195Draven Pierce2-2
195Conner Columbus0-2
195Cory Monroe0-2
220Landon Newlin3-2
220Cayden Felts1-2
220Garrett Ritter0-2
285Harley Andrews4-38th 
285John Wiese5-2
285Hayden Simpson2-2

            16U Freestyle (52 wrestlers)                                           16U Greco (39 wrestlers)

Team Oklahoma – 18th Place (34 points)                    Team Oklahoma – 6th Place (86 points)

94Evan Colbert0-294Evan Colbert0-2
100Iziah Tusler1-2100Iziah Tusler3-2
100Bryson Hand0-2106Christopher Kiser4-2
106Christopher Kiser4-2106Stockton Allen2-2
106Stockton Allen3-2106Zane Donley2-2
106Gerald Harris2-2106Barrett Byers1-2
106Barrett Byers0-2113Cash Donnell5-2
113Payton Zwelfel1-2113Devin Duran4-2
113Cash Donnell3-2113Christian Belford1-2
113Gage Walker1-2113Garrett Salt1-2
113Garrett Salt1-2113Kylar Kurtz1-2
113Kylar Kurtz1-2113Payton Zwelfel1-2
113Devin Duran0-2113Jackson Bodine0-2
120Cory Velasquez3-2120Cameron Kiser2-2
113Jackson Bodine0-2120Keegan Sullivan1-2
120Cameron Kiser1-2126Brayden Belford2-2
120Miles Velasquez1-2126Colton Weaver0-2
120Evan Rodriquez3-2132JJ McComas-Rogers6-36th 
120Tag Ensey0-2132Dailey Jennings4-2
126Clayton Giddens7-27th 132Jesse Moore0-2
126JJ McComas-Rogers7-2132Zachary Fortner0-2
126Brayden Belford4-2138Jude Randall6-24th 
126Colton Weaver0-2138Bryce Kegley1-2
132Ladarion Lockett3-2138Walker Neeley0-2
132Dailey Jennings2-2138Universe Nijifunah0-2
132Jesse Moore0-2145Layton Schneider6-36th 
132Kadence Roop2-2145Kaden Kelley2-2
132Severn Torres0-2145JD Sigman1-2
138Bryce Kegley3-2152KJ Evans5-24th 
138Jace Roller6-2152Tyler McCall2-2 
138Joseph Jernegan0-2152Sean Mahoney0-2
138Universe Nijifunah0-2160Talon McCollom5-25th 
138Beau Hickman2-2160Marcus Frazier0-2
145Layton Schneider4-2170Oscar Williams6-01st 
145Landyn Sommer6-2170Braden Brown1-2
145Kaden Kelley5-2170Kevin Lund1-2 
145 Angelo Ferrari3-2182Erik McCown6-27th 
145JD Sigman1-2182Alexander Wilson3-2
145Tyler McCall0-2195Richard Thomas5-25th 
152KJ Evans6-12nd 
152Marcus Frazier0-2
152Sean Mahoney0-2
160Talon McCollom7-25th 
170Braden Brown5-2
170Kevin Lund3-2
170Oscar Williams3-2
182Erik McCown3-2
182Holden Martin3-2
182Alexander Wilson2-2
182Andrew Mullin1-2
195Richard Thomas2-2
285Luis Tapia0-2

        Juniors Women  (21 wrestlers)                                       U16 Women (12 wrestlers)

 Team Oklahoma – 31st Place (2 points)                     Team Oklahoma – 29th Place (5 points)

100Alexis Miller0-2100Klaribel Kirk1-2
106Carly Courcier1-2112Peyton Hand3-2
117Allison Hynes4-38th112Shae Salinas2-2
117Khaleah Kirk3-2117Annabell Chase2-2
117Victoria Haggard1-2117Jaylee White0-2
117Annabell Chase0-2122Avery Richey0-2
127Rachel Gober1-2132Selah Citizen0-2
127Mercadies Miller0-2144Jenny Boughner0-2
132Lilly Gough4-2152Madison Welch0-2
138Tristan Nolan1-2164Kaylee Davis3-27th
144Elizabeth Mullendore1-2164Adalyn Massie0-2
144Emma Thompson1-2164Symphony Veloz0-2
144Taya Hunt1-2
144Samara Markwardt0-2
152Aliana Barnoski5-2
152Madison Byroads2-2
152Baylea Allen0-2
152Rayleigh Fisher0-2
164Symphony Veloz1-2
164Kaylee Davis0-2
180Kleisha Cathey2-2

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