Recap of the 6A East Regional in Stillwater

Stillwater hosted and won the 6A East Regional on Saturday, but that win didn’t come without a lot of conversation and intrigue.

The biggest storyline of the weekend was the match that didn’t happen. Wrestling fans across the state were ready to watch the most anticipated bout of the year in Oklahoma High School Wrestling between Stillwater’s Angelo Ferrari and Owasso’s Jordan Williams.

Ferrari and Williams both rolled to the finals, but on Saturday morning Ferrari didn’t weigh in. Rumors around the tournament swirled that Ferrari suffered some sort of injury in the semifinals Friday and it’s still somewhat unclear what his status is, but Stillwater Head Coach Ethan Kyle did provide some comments on the situation in his post-tournament interview.

Stillwater Head Coach Ethan Kyle Talks About Their Regional Win and Angelo Ferrari | Rokfin

106 saw a great match between Ponca’s Chris Kiser and Broken Arrow’s Christian Forbes.

Christopher Kiser(Ponca City) Beats Christian Forbes(Broken Arrow) 3-1 in the 6A East Regional FInal | Rokfin

Ponca City’s Chris Kiser after Winning 106 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

At 113, Broken Arrow’s Ethan Rodriguez came in as a five seed and upset his way to a title with a 6-0 win over Union’s Dariuz Black.

Broken Arrow’s Ethan Rodriguez after Winning 2021 6A East Regional Title at Stillwater | Rokfin

Stillwater’s Sam Smith picked up a 4-2 decision over Broken Arrow’s Parker Witcraft for the 120 pound title and Cael Hughes received an injury default in the finals at 126.

Stillwater’s Cael Hughes After Winning 126 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Bixby’s Zach Blankenship won the third match in his trilogy with Stillwater State Champion JJ McComas.

Full Match: 132 Pound 6A East Regional Final Between Zach Blankenship(Bixby) and JJ McComas(STW) | Rokfin

Zach Blankenship After Winning 2022 132 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Jace Roller beat Landyn Sommer for the 138 pound 6A East Title after falling to Sommer last week at Dual State.

Bixby’s Jace Roller After Winning 2022 138 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Stillwater freshman LaDarion Lockett continues to dominate the 145-pound weight class and won his first regional title here as teammate Kael Voinovich won the 152 pound title.

Stillwater’s LaDarion Lockett After Winning 145 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Stillwater’s Kael Voinovich After Winning 152 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Owasso picked up back-to-back champions at 160 and 170 as Jordan Williams accepted a forfeit at 160 and Braxton Bacon beat Stillwater’s Gatlin Wilson in overtime to win 170.

Overtime for the 170 Pound 6A East Regional Title Braxton Bacon(Owasso) vs. Gatlin Wilson(STW) | Rokfin

Owasso’s Braxton Bacon After Overtime Thriller to Win 170 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Payton Thomas of Moore gutted out a tough win over Ponca City’s Gabe Roland to win182 and Bixby State Champion Jersey Robb dominated 195 on his way to another regional title.

Payton Thomas Gets Overtime Takedown to win 182 Pound 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Moore’s Payton Thomas after Winning 182 Pound 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Stillwater crowned one more champion at 220 with Senior Dax Hughes.

Full Match: 220 LB 6A East Regional Final: Dax Hughes(STW) vs. Elijah Hynes(BA) | Rokfin

Stillwater’s Dax Hughes After Winning 220 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Owasso picked up their third tournament champion of the weekend at heavyweight as Tyler Rich knocked off Jake Sexton in a rematch of last year’s third-place match at state.

Owasso’s Tyler Rich After Winning 285 LB 6A East Regional Title | Rokfin

Complete results

Class 6A East Regional Tournament

February 18-19, 2022

Site: Stillwater

Team Scores

1.Stillwater302.5 6.Sand Springs134 11.Bartlesville49.5
2.Bixby228 7.Moore93 12.Tahlequah38
3.Broken Arrow216 8.Deer Creek65 13.Putnam City North37
4.Owasso164.5 9.Enid62 14.Jenks34
5.Ponca City151 10.Union52 15.Muskogee26
        16.Northwest Classen0


1st Place – Christopher Kiser of Ponca City

2nd Place – Christian Forbes of Broken Arrow

3rd Place – Aydan Thomas of Stillwater

4th Place – Bryson Humphries of Owasso

5th Place – David Ritchey of Sand Springs

6th Place – Jacob Caviness of Tahlequah

1st Place Match: Christopher Kiser (Ponca City) 28-2, So. over Christian Forbes (Broken Arrow) 22-5, Sr. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match: Aydan Thomas (Stillwater) 24-9, Fr. over Bryson Humphries (Owasso) 26-5, So. (MD 9-0)

5th Place Match: David Ritchey (Sand Springs) 20-12, Fr. over Jacob Caviness (Tahlequah) 24-6, So. (MD 12-2)


1st Place – Ethan Rodriguez of Broken Arrow

2nd Place – Dariuz Black of Union

3rd Place – Gabe Fontanez of Stillwater

4th Place – Jaxon Humphries of Owasso

5th Place – Carsen Reich of Jenks

6th Place – Jimmy Swenson of Ponca City

1st Place Match: Ethan Rodriguez (Broken Arrow) 17-9, Jr. over Dariuz Black (Union) 25-11, So. (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match: Gabe Fontanez (Stillwater) 20-7, Sr. over Jaxon Humphries (Owasso) 30-10, So. (Dec 5-1)

5th Place Match: Carsen Reich (Jenks) 23-8, Jr. over Jimmy Swenson (Ponca City) 14-13, So. (Dec 7-2)


1st Place – Sam Smith of Stillwater

2nd Place – Parker Witcraft of Broken Arrow

3rd Place – Cameron Kiser of Ponca City

4th Place – Zander Grigsby of Sand Springs

5th Place – Colden Dyer of Bixby

6th Place – Jacob Wolf of Muskogee

1st Place Match: Sam Smith (Stillwater) 28-8, Jr. over Parker Witcraft (Broken Arrow) 19-7, Sr. (Dec 4-2)

3rd Place Match: Cameron Kiser (Ponca City) 28-7, So. over Zander Grigsby (Sand Springs) 18-3, So. (Dec 3-0)

5th Place Match: Colden Dyer (Bixby) 6-6, So. over Jacob Wolf (Muskogee) 17-10, Sr. (Dec 3-0)


1st Place – Cael Hughes of Stillwater

2nd Place – Clay Giddens-Buttram of Bixby

3rd Place – Kaleb Collins of Broken Arrow

4th Place – Preston Lee of Ponca City

5th Place – Easton Eicher of Owasso

6th Place – Daaron Boffey of Moore

1st Place Match: Cael Hughes (Stillwater) 24-0, Jr. over Clay Giddens-Buttram (Bixby) 13-4, So. (M. For.)

3rd Place Match: Kaleb Collins (Broken Arrow) 23-13, Jr. over Preston Lee (Ponca City) 22-11, Jr. (Dec 9-3)

5th Place Match: Easton Eicher (Owasso) 17-14, So. over Daaron Boffey (Moore) 6-11, Fr. (Fall 2:38)


1st Place – Zach Blankenship of Bixby

2nd Place – JJ (Rogers) McComas of Stillwater

3rd Place – Jayden Alexander of Owasso

4th Place – Kadence Roop of Broken Arrow

5th Place – Jack Swenson of Ponca City

6th Place – Axton Wright of Moore

1st Place Match: Zach Blankenship (Bixby) 31-1, Sr. over JJ (Rogers) McComas (Stillwater) 32-5, So. (Dec 4-2)

3rd Place Match: Jayden Alexander (Owasso) 26-3, Jr. over Kadence Roop (Broken Arrow) 23-16, So. (Fall 4:00)

5th Place Match: Jack Swenson (Ponca City) 17-14, Jr. over Axton Wright (Moore) 14-15, Fr. (MD 20-9)


1st Place – Jace Roller of Bixby

2nd Place – Landyn Sommer of Stillwater

3rd Place – Andrew Lollis of Broken Arrow

4th Place – Ryker Agee of Ponca City

5th Place – Jaxon Trotter of Sand Springs

6th Place – Justin Pham of Deer Creek

1st Place Match: Jace Roller (Bixby) 28-6, So. over Landyn Sommer (Stillwater) 33-6, So. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match: Andrew Lollis (Broken Arrow Hs) 26-12, Jr. over Ryker Agee (Ponca City) 19-8, Jr. (Dec 11-9)

5th Place Match: Jaxon Trotter (Sand Springs) 20-11, Fr. over Justin Pham (Deer Creek) 10-17, Jr. (Dec 5-0)


1st Place – LaDarion Lockett of Stillwater

2nd Place – Mitchell Smith of Sand Springs

3rd Place – Caden Kelley of Bixby

4th Place – Duke McGill of Bartlesville

5th Place – Trinit Zweifel of Enid

6th Place – Noah Smith of Union

1st Place Match: LaDarion Lockett (Stillwater) 35-1, Fr. over Mitchell Smith (Sand Springs) 27-6, Jr. (TF 4:45 (16-1))

3rd Place Match: Caden Kelley (Bixby) 21-8, Jr. over Duke McGill (Bartlesville) 21-5, Sr. (Dec 4-3)

5th Place Match: Trinit Zweifel (Enid) 30-11, Sr. over Noah Smith (Union) 30-9, Sr. (Dec 5-2)


1st Place – Kael Voinovich of Stillwater

2nd Place – Jordan Cullors of Broken Arrow

3rd Place – Jakeb Snyder of Bixby

4th Place – Chad Herbert of Owasso

5th Place – Mikey Foster of Union

6th Place – Ethan Norton of Sand Springs

1st Place Match: Kael Voinovich (Stillwater) 32-4, So. over Jordan Cullors (Broken Arrow) 28-14, Sr. (MD 13-5)

3rd Place Match: Jakeb Snyder (Bixby) 20-11, Jr. over Chad Herbert (Owasso) 21-9, Jr. (Fall 1:01)

5th Place Match: Mikey Foster (Union) 30-9, Jr. over Ethan Norton (Sand Springs) 23-15, Sr. (Dec 7-5)


1st Place – Jordan Williams of Owasso

2nd Place – Angelo Ferrari of Stillwater

3rd Place – Carter Goodman of Sand Springs

4th Place – Caleb Rogers of Bixby

5th Place – Rayden Agee of Ponca City

6th Place – Brock Mattioda of Broken Arrow

1st Place Match: Jordan Williams (Owasso) 27-0, Sr. over Angelo Ferrari (Stillwater) 35-1, So. (M. For.)

3rd Place Match: Carter Goodman (Sand Springs) 24-11, Jr. over Caleb Rogers (Bixby) 21-10, Sr. (Dec 6-4)

5th Place Match: Rayden Agee (Ponca City) 17-9, Jr. over Brock Mattioda (Broken Arrow) 11-12, Sr. (Dec 4-2)


1st Place – Braxton Bacon of Owasso

2nd Place – Gatlin Wilson of Stillwater

3rd Place – Blake Jones of Sand Springs

4th Place – Cale Carroll of Deer Creek

5th Place – Garrett Washington of Bixby

6th Place – Carter Manley of Bartlesville

1st Place Match: Braxton Bacon (Owasso) 28-7, Jr. over Gatlin Wilson (Stillwater) 30-11, Sr. (TB-1 4-3)

3rd Place Match: Blake Jones (Sand Springs) 11-6, Sr. over Cale Carroll (Deer Creek) 16-12, Jr. (Dec 10-8)

5th Place Match: Garrett Washington (Bixby) 9-6, Sr. over Carter Manley (Bartlesville) 26-10, Sr. (Dec 6-4)


1st Place – Payton Thomas of Moore

2nd Place – Gabriel Roland of Ponca City

3rd Place – Hank Puckett of Bixby

4th Place – Jayden Moore of Tahlequah

5th Place – Michael Cook of Broken Arrow

6th Place – Garhett Reese of Stillwater

1st Place Match: Payton Thomas (Moore) 25-5, Jr. over Gabriel Roland (Ponca City) 26-5, Jr. (SV-1 10-8)

3rd Place Match: Hank Puckett (Bixby) 22-9, So. over Jayden Moore (Tahlequah) 20-4, So. (MD 10-0)

5th Place Match: Michael Cook (Broken Arrow) 9-14, Jr. over Garhett Reese (Stillwater) 7-5, Jr. (Dec 7-5)


1st Place – Jersey Robb of Bixby

2nd Place – Cameron Johnson of Stillwater

3rd Place – Carlos Alvarado of Enid

4th Place – Landon Newlin of Ponca City

5th Place – Henry Martin of Broken Arrow

6th Place – Brooks Dudley of Sand Springs

1st Place Match: Jersey Robb (Bixby) 27-0, Jr. over Cameron Johnson (Stillwater) 15-7, Jr. (MD 11-3)

3rd Place Match: Carlos Alvarado (Enid) 29-7, Jr. over Landon Newlin (Ponca City) 21-6, Sr. (Inj. 0:00)

5th Place Match: Henry Martin (Broken Arrow) 21-14, Sr. over Brooks Dudley (Sand Springs) 21-11, Sr. (Dec 3-1)


1st Place – Dax Hughes of Stillwater

2nd Place – Elijah Hynes of Broken Arrow

3rd Place – Jack Puckett of Bixby

4th Place – Mason Harris of Sand Springs

5th Place – Jaylen Pounds of Moore

6th Place – Carter Erickson of Deer Creek

1st Place Match: Dax Hughes (Stillwater) 31-7, Sr. over Elijah Hynes (Broken Arrow) 20-6, Sr. (TB-1 4-1)

3rd Place Match: Jack Puckett (Bixby) 26-6, Sr. over Mason Harris (Sand Springs) 17-7, So. (SV-1 5-3)

5th Place Match: Jaylen Pounds (Moore) 13-6, Jr. over Carter Erickson (Deer Creek) 22-13, Sr. (Dec 6-3)


1st Place – Tyler Rich of Owasso

2nd Place – Jake Sexton of Deer Creek

3rd Place – Carson Cottrill of Stillwater

4th Place – Jax Rumsey of Moore

5th Place – Garrett Ritter of Bixby

6th Place – Jacob Brammer of Broken Arrow

1st Place Match: Tyler Rich (Owasso) 31-2, Jr. over Jake Sexton (Deer Creek) 18-4, Sr. (Dec 6-4)

3rd Place Match: Carson Cottrill (Stillwater) 24-5, Sr. over Jax Rumsey (Moore) 22-11, Jr. (Dec 3-0)

5th Place Match: Garrett Ritter (Bixby) 17-12, So. over Jacob Brammer (Broken Arrow) 22-13, Jr. (MD 13-1)

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