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Predictions & Preview: #5 Oklahoma State (10-0) vs Northern Iowa (3-5)

All Time Record vs: 28-3

Oklahoma State will face off against an unranked Panthers team that is on a two-dual win streak after a rough start to the season. UNI doesn’t have top end talent at every weight, but they wrestle hard in every match and should keep a lot of scores closer than the rankings would show. The biggest question for OSU is who will start at 197lbs for the foreseeable future, and I don’t doubt that Harper is allowed to just keep bumping up. The Cowboys could have a variety of options for now: Geer was a qualifier at 197lbs previously, Anthony Montalvo could go but I’m not sure of his health, or Gavin Stika bumps up for now. I doubt that Kyle Haas’ redshirt gets pulled. Assuming Ferrari is going to make a return at some point, I think bumping up Stika for now makes the most sense. Geer going up could work as well, but I think for now they’d keep him at 184lbs. 

125lbs: #6 Trevor Mastrogiovanni (10-0) vs #13 Brody Teske (7-2)

In the dual last year Teske beat Mastrogiovanni 6-0 with nearfall, an escape, and riding time. That presents well for Mastrogiovanni who looks improved on the feet and bottom this year. Teske is lanky and probably the best scrambler Mastrogiovanni has faced this season. If Mastrogiovanni can win those scrambles and end up on top, then Teske is vulnerable from the bottom position as well. I think Mastrogiovanni can get the takedown, but will need to be prepared for an aggressive Teske throughout. 

Prediction: Mastrogiovanni Dec. Teske 7-5 (OSU 3 UNI 0)

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