Oklahoma Senior Girls “All-Stars”

This year Oklahoma graduates a talented group of Seniors who could possibly wrestle at the next level.  Last season there was a small group so there was no All-State Dual but this year we have the talent and numbers to make it happen. 

With the Girls Wrestling participation numbers more than doubling this season it leaves the door open for more weight classes and eventually a sanctioned dual state.   

These Seniors not only deserve to be recognized but also allowed to participate with the Boys in such an honorable event.  There are multiple qualifiers, state placers, and champions listed headlined by 3X Oklahoma State Champion Ki’Esha Cathey. 

Oklahoma has made vast improvements in their efforts to help the sport grow, but we still have a long way to go.  Equality is something that is never earned, it is a right to all. 

So, thank you Oklahoma for doing everything you can to provide equal treatment and opportunities for all athletes.

Listed below are the Seniors for 2022 along with a proposed match up for an All-State Dual that could provide some serious fireworks.

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