Inola Girls Tournament (January 7-8, 2022)

Inola Girls Tournament

January 7-8, 2022

Top 20 Team Scores (40 teams entered)

1.Rogers128 8.Stilwell59 15.Henryetta37
2.Moore108 9.Sapulpa57 16.Choctaw32
3.Yukon102 9.Vian57 16.Skiatook32
4.Union98.5 11.Wilburton48.5 18.Enid31
5.Will Rogers69 12.Westmoore48 19.Grove27
6.Guthrie64 13.Bentonville47 19.Tecumseh27
7.Rogers Heritage62 14.Tahlequah45    


1st Place – Klaribel Kirk of Guthrie

2nd Place – Mackenzie Graves of Bentonville

3rd Place – Cara Leyses of Moore

4th Place – Kindi Novotny of Pawnee

5th Place – Avery Marquart of Bentonville

6th Place – Jocelyn Unwer of Rogers Heritage

1st Place Match: Klaribel Kirk (Guthrie) 9-0, So. over Mackenzie Graves (Bentonville) 2-1, . (Fall 0:38)

3rd Place Match: Cara Leyses (Moore) 8-4, Jr. over Kindi Novotny (Pawnee) 4-1, Sr. (NC)

5th Place Match: Avery Marquart (Bentonville) 2-2, over Jocelyn Unwer (Rogers Heritage) 1-3, . (Dec 3-1)


1st Place – Harley Stringer of Moore

2nd Place – Shae Salinas of Enid

4th Place – Zoey Heeren of Yukon

4th Place – Destiny Jones of Skiatook

5th Place – Kaleigh Smith of Rogers

6th Place – Zoey Sparks of Oologah

1st Place Match: Harley Stringer (Moore) 6-0, Jr. over Shae Salinas (Enid) 12-2, So. (Fall 0:56)

3rd Place Match: Zoey Heeren (Yukon) 4-1, over Destiny Jones (Skiatook) 4-1, So. (DFF)

5th Place Match: Kaleigh Smith (Rogers) 3-2, over Zoey Sparks (Oologah) 2-3, . (Fall 1:44)


1st Place – Peyton Hand of Choctaw

2nd Place – Rachel Burns of Perkins-Tryon

3rd Place – Madison Roe of Wilburton

4th Place – Nadia Le of Rogers

5th Place – Mallory Sellars of Pryor

6th Place – Kortlynn Sansom of Claremore

1st Place Match: Peyton Hand (Choctaw) 4-0, Jr. over Rachel Burns (Perkins-Tryon) 3-1, Jr. (Fall 1:15)

3rd Place Match: Madison Roe (Wilburton) 11-2, So. over Nadia Le (Rogers) 4-1, . (NC)

5th Place Match: Mallory Sellars (Pryor) 8-3, Fr. over Kortlynn Sansom (Claremore) 2-3, Fr. (For.)


1st Place – Khaleah Kirk of Guthrie

2nd Place – Josaline Blevins of Stilwell

4th Place – Chanelle Alburg of Union

4th Place – Sarah Scroggins of Rogers

6th Place – Rylie O`steen of Moore

6th Place – Damiyah Smith of Miami

1st Place Match: Khaleah Kirk (Guthrie) 10-0, Jr. over Josaline Blevins (Stilwell) 16-3, Fr. (MD 9-1)

3rd Place Match: Chanelle Alburg (Union) 4-1, Jr. over Sarah Scroggins (Rogers) 4-1, (DFF)

5th Place Match: Damiyah Smith (Miami) 6-8, So. over Rylie O`steen (Moore) 6-4, Sr. (DFF)


1st Place – Avery Richey of Vian

2nd Place – Aubriana Smith of Westmoore

3rd Place – Molly Mounce of Rogers

4th Place – Shelby Kemp of Moore

6th Place – Thea Miller of Tahlequah Senior Hs

6th Place – Kaybrie Sharp of Grove

1st Place Match: Avery Richey (Vian) 4-0, So. over Aubriana Smith (Westmoore) 3-1, Jr. (Dec 4-0)

3rd Place Match: Molly Mounce (Rogers) 4-1, over Shelby Kemp (Moore) 4-3, So. (Fall 3:30)

5th Place Match: Kaybrie Sharp (Grove) 6-2, So. over Thea Miller (Tahlequah Senior Hs) 3-2, . (DFF)


1st Place – Elizza Easly of Rogers

2nd Place – Carleona Hockert of Tonkawa Jr Sr

3rd Place – Mandy Ingram of Tahlequah Senior Hs

4th Place – Makalyn Gregg of Owasso

5th Place – Lydia Soeder of Grove

6th Place – Isabel Limon of Stilwell

1st Place Match: Elizza Easly (Rogers) 4-0, . over Carleona Hockert (Tonkawa Jr Sr) 2-1, . (Fall 1:49)

3rd Place Match: Mandy Ingram (Tahlequah Senior Hs) 3-1, . over Makalyn Gregg (Owasso) 3-2, . (Fall 1:18)

5th Place Match: Lydia Soeder (Grove) 4-3, Fr. over Isabel Limon (Stilwell) 14-6, Sr. (Fall 1:53)


1st Place – Taya Hunt of Vian

2nd Place – Samara Markwardt of Will Rogers

3rd Place – Haleigh Groulx of Rogers Heritage

4th Place – Marion McCartney of Pawhuska

5th Place – Linlee Asbill of Rogers

6th Place – Jolie Wilhite of Stilwell

1st Place Match: Taya Hunt (Vian) 3-0, Jr. over Samara Markwardt (Will Rogers) 6-2, Sr. (Fall 3:20)

3rd Place Match: Haleigh Groulx (Rogers Heritage) 4-1, . over Marion McCartney (Pawhuska) 3-2, Jr. (Fall 3:49)

5th Place Match: Linlee Asbill (Rogers) 2-2, . over Jolie Wilhite (Stilwell) 15-6, Sr. (NC)


1st Place – Madison Byroads of Henryetta

2nd Place – Elizabeth Cope of Sapulpa

3rd Place – Jocelyn Noel of Yukon

4th Place – Erie`Ahnna White of Union

6th Place – Krisly Keith of Jay

6th Place – Adrianna Chronister of Stilwell

1st Place Match: Madison Byroads (Henryetta) 11-1, Sr. over Elizabeth Cope (Sapulpa) 2-1, . (Fall 5:45)

3rd Place Match: Jocelyn Noel (Yukon) 3-1, over Erie`Ahnna White (Union) 3-2, Fr. (Dec 5-0)

5th Place Match: Krisly Keith (Jay) 17-4, So. over Adrianna Chronister (Stilwell) 15-6, Fr. (DFF)


1st Place – Kaylee Davis of Yukon

2nd Place – Skylur Lewis of Rogers Heritage

3rd Place – Lizzy Ketcher of Yukon

4th Place – Kobie Moiser of Plainview

5th Place – Kassandra Buckner of Sapulpa

6th Place – Ali Haywood of Wilburton

1st Place Match: Kaylee Davis (Yukon) 4-0, . over Skylur Lewis (Rogers Heritage) 2-1, . (Fall 5:57)

3rd Place Match: Lizzy Ketcher (Yukon) 3-1, . over Kobie Moiser (Plainview) 4-1, Sr. (NC)

5th Place Match: Kassandra Buckner (Sapulpa) 3-2, . over Ali Haywood (Wilburton) 7-5, So. (Fall 2:38)


1st Place – Trysten Rittberger of Yukon

2nd Place – Lily Haywood of Wilburton

3rd Place – Kiera Crum of Will Rogers

4th Place – Giana Alexis of Will Rogers

5th Place – Sariah Rivera of Moore

6th Place – Neveah Allen of Union

1st Place Match: Trysten Rittberger (Yukon) 3-0, . over Lily Haywood (Wilburton) 5-2, So. (Fall 3:57)

3rd Place Match: Kiera Crum (Will Rogers) 2-1, So. over Giana Alexis (Will Rogers) 4-3, Sr. (Fall 3:48)

5th Place Match: Sariah Rivera (Moore) 5-4, So. over Neveah Allen (Union) 1-3, Jr. (Dec 5-2)


1st Place – Kali Hayden of Union

2nd Place – Caris Morris of Sapulpa

3rd Place – Jordan Bread of Tahlequah Senior Hs

4th Place – Zoe Stark of Locust Grove

5th Place – Samantha Crocker of Moore

6th Place – Kendall Bement of Oologah

1st Place Match: Kali Hayden (Union) 2-0, So. over Caris Morris (Sapulpa) 2-1, . (MD 14-4)

3rd Place Match: Jordan Bread (Tahlequah Senior Hs) 2-1, . over Zoe Stark (Locust Grove) 2-2, . (Dec 9-8)

5th Place Match: Samantha Crocker (Moore) 5-6, So. over Kendall Bement (Oologah) 0-3, . (Fall 1:27)


1st Place – Azreal Smith of Union

2nd Place – Tori French of Warner

3rd Place – Tanika Anderson of Will Rogers

4th Place – Taryn England of Tecumseh

5th Place – Sophia Fargo of Bentonville

6th Place – Rosa Zapata of Westmoore

1st Place Match: Azreal Smith (Union) 3-0, Fr. over Tori French (Warner) 7-2, Jr. (Dec 4-0)

3rd Place Match: Tanika Anderson (Will Rogers) 5-2, Sr. over Taryn England (Tecumseh) 5-10, So. (Fall 1:15)

5th Place Match: Sophia Fargo (Bentonville) 2-2, . over Rosa Zapata (Westmoore) 1-3, . (Fall 2:58)