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Girls Varsity Moore Lions vs Noble Bears

100 K. Smith vs C. Vinson

Smith started the action early and scored a takedown in the first ten seconds. Smith had smothering pressure on top with a lot of forward pressure and bar arms. Smith then uses a chicken wing to earn nearfall and eventually the fall in the first period.

Team score Moore-6 Noble- 0

105 H. Lopez vs T. Plummer

Lopez begins the match tying up with Plummer taking a shot, Plummer sprawled out and Lopez does a good job controlling elbows and working back to her feet. Lopez shoots for a high crotch to a single leg and we stalemate. Lopez with another single leg attempt good defense from Plummer and we are back to neutral. With thirty seconds left in the first Lopez shoots a double and finishes for two. Lopez gets busy on top with a chicken wing on the edge of the mat and we are out of bounds no nearfall. Period ends Lopez up 2-0

Second period begins with Lopez choosing bottom, Plummer hooks up a cradle and scores some nearfall which makes the score 3-2 Plummer. Lopez breaks the lock comes out of a scramble and scores two on the reversal making the score 4-3 Lopez. Lopez works Plummer to her stomach and works a chicken wing on the edge of the mat scoring nearfall and the fall with 30 seconds left in the second.

Team score Moore- 12 Noble- 0

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