Girls East Regional Tournament (Feb. 14-15, 2022

Girls East Regional Tournament

February 14-15, 2022

Site: Jay

Top 15 Team Scores (48 teams entered)

1.Jay142 6.Vian63 11.Grove49
2.Union118 7.Wagoner62 12.Claremore48
3.Bixby94 7.Will Rogers62 13.Skiatook45
4.Stilwell93 9.Wilburton/Moyers59 14.Sallisaw44
5.Broken Arrow77 10.Sapulpa58 15.Owasso43


1st Place – Jadyn Roller of Bixby

2nd Place – Ashley Johnson of Poteau

3rd Place – Emma Wissman-Travis of Sallisaw

4th Place – Destiny Jones of Skiatook

5th Place – Ellababe Fisher of Ada

6th Place – Jacie Moffett of Jay

1st Place Match: Jadyn Roller (Bixby) 14-2, Fr. over Ashley Johnson (Poteau) 15-5, So. (Fall 1:16)

3rd Place Match: Emma Wissman-Travis (Sallisaw) 22-6, Jr. over Destiny Jones (Skiatook) 12-3, . (Dec 6-2)

5th Place Match: Ellababe Fisher (Ada) 15-6, Fr. over Jacie Moffett (Jay) 27-13, Jr. (Fall 1:54)


1st Place – Nevaeh Tagg of Jay

2nd Place – Aiyana Perkins of Coweta

3rd Place – Shae Salinas of Enid

4th Place – Kalynn Geranen of Claremore

5th Place – Genty Shelton of Skiatook

6th Place – Keyli Thompson of Wagoner

1st Place Match: Nevaeh Tagg (Jay) 28-6, So. over Aiyana Perkins (Coweta) 19-7, Fr. (Fall 3:57)

3rd Place Match: Shae Salinas (Enid) 25-5, So. over Kalynn Geranen (Claremore) 11-6, Sr. (Dec 7-3)

5th Place Match: Genty Shelton (Skiatook) 8-2, . over Keyli Thompson (Wagoner) 11-5, Fr. (Fall 3:43)


1st Place – Madison Roe of Wilburton/Moyers

2nd Place – Mikenna Moffett of Jay

3rd Place – Jordyn Todhunter of Broken Arrow

4th Place – Rachel Burns of Perkins-Tryon

5th Place – Aralease Callahan of Union

6th Place – Kylee Avallone of Pawhuska

1st Place Match: Madison Roe (Wilburton/Moyers) 24-2, So. over Mikenna Moffett (Jay) 24-7, Fr. (Fall 5:05)

3rd Place Match: Jordyn Todhunter (Broken Arrow) 5-1, . over Rachel Burns (Perkins-Tryon) 13-5, Jr. (MD 11-3)

5th Place Match: Aralease Callahan (Union) 5-4, Jr. over Kylee Avallone (Pawhuska) 3-3, Fr. (Dec 6-2)


1st Place – Chanelle Alburg of Union

2nd Place – Josaline Blevins of Stilwell

3rd Place – Zoey Freeman of Bristow

4th Place – Kenadee Thomas of Jay

5th Place – Damiyah Smith of Miami

6th Place – Makenzie Bacon of Claremore

1st Place Match: Chanelle Alburg (Union) 13-1, So. over Josaline Blevins (Stilwell) 42-6, Fr. (Fall 3:20)

3rd Place Match: Zoey Freeman (Bristow) 19-3, So. over Kenadee Thomas (Jay) 28-9, Fr. (Dec 6-2)

5th Place Match: Damiyah Smith (Miami) 10-6, So. over Makenzie Bacon (Claremore) 16-8, . (Fall 0:37)


1st Place – Avery Richey of Vian

2nd Place – Stella Edison of Glenpool

3rd Place – Serenity Eaton of Wagoner

4th Place – Kaybrie Sharp of Grove

5th Place – Isabel Limon of Stilwell

6th Place – Gao Thao of Jay

1st Place Match: Avery Richey (Vian) 23-0, So. over Stella Edison (Glenpool) 22-2, So. (MD 14-4)

3rd Place Match: Serenity Eaton (Wagoner) 13-4, over Kaybrie Sharp (Grove) 14-7, So. (SV-1 12-10)

5th Place Match: Isabel Limon (Stilwell) 24-11, Sr. over Gao Thao (Jay) 11-10, So. (Dec 7-2)


1st Place – Samara Markwardt of Will Rogers

2nd Place – Ciara Franco-Shrum of Jay

3rd Place – Carleona Hockert of Tonkawa

4th Place – Marion McCartney of Pawhuska

5th Place – Makaelyn Gregg of Owasso

6th Place – Mandi Ingram of Tahlequah

1st Place Match: Samara Markwardt (Will Rogers) 13-3, Sr. over Ciara Franco-Shrum (Jay) 35-7, Jr. (Fall 5:37)

3rd Place Match: Carleona Hockert (Tonkawa) 6-2, So. over Marion McCartney (Pawhuska) 3-2, Jr. (Fall 0:59)

5th Place Match: Makaelyn Gregg (Owasso) 12-6, Fr. over Mandi Ingram (Tahlequah) 15-11, . (Dec 7-5)


1st Place – Taya Hunt of Vian

2nd Place – Carla West of Billings

3rd Place – Krisly Keith of Jay

4th Place – Claire Moffitt of Bixby

5th Place – Jolie Wilhite of Stilwell

6th Place – Aubrey Merrell of Mannford

1st Place Match: Taya Hunt (Vian) 16-0, Jr. over Carla West (Billings) 6-2, So. (Fall 1:31)

3rd Place Match: Krisly Keith (Jay) 28-8, So. over Claire Moffitt (Bixby) 7-7, Fr. (Fall 0:39)

5th Place Match: Jolie Wilhite (Stilwell) 25-13, Sr. over Aubrey Merrell (Mannford) 9-5, Fr. (Fall 1:45)


1st Place – Emma Thompson of Bixby

2nd Place – Madison Byroads of Henryetta

3rd Place – Elizabeth Cope of Sapulpa

4th Place – Adrianna Chronister of Stilwell

5th Place – Erie-auhnna White of Union

6th Place – Cicily Wadsworth of Broken Arrow

1st Place Match: Emma Thompson (Bixby) 21-1, Sr. over Madison Byroads (Henryetta) 21-1, Sr. (Fall 3:15)

3rd Place Match: Elizabeth Cope (Sapulpa) 12-6, So. over Adrianna Chronister (Stilwell) 37-17, Fr. (Fall 1:24)

5th Place Match: Erie-auhnna White (Union) 13-6, Fr. over Cicily Wadsworth (Broken Arrow) 2-3, . (Fall 1:53)


1st Place – Peighton Mullins of Ft. Gibson

2nd Place – Kassandra Buckner of Sapulpa

3rd Place – Grace Thompson of Bixby

4th Place – Mya Bush of Grove

5th Place – Bailee Smith of Prague

6th Place – Ali Haywood of Wilburton/Moyers

1st Place Match: Peighton Mullins (Ft. Gibson) 15-0, So. over Kassandra Buckner (Sapulpa) 19-4, So. (Fall 1:06)

3rd Place Match: Grace Thompson (Bixby) 16-4, Jr. over Mya Bush (Grove) 7-7, So. (Fall 1:23)

5th Place Match: Bailee Smith (Prague) 11-5, Jr. over Ali Haywood (Wilburton/Moyers) 14-10, So. (Fall 4:33)


1st Place – Sidney Milligan of Owasso

2nd Place – Rylin Bailey of Stilwell

3rd Place – Isabella Allen of Chandler

4th Place – Lily Haywood of Wilburton/Moyers

5th Place – Faith Hopkins of Catoosa

6th Place – Stephanie Bruhova of Oologah-Talala

1st Place Match: Sidney Milligan (Owasso) 10-0, Jr. over Rylin Bailey (Stilwell) 17-13, Fr. (Fall 3:19)

3rd Place Match: Isabella Allen (Chandler) 9-4, So. over Lily Haywood (Wilburton/Moyers) 13-6, So. (Fall 2:47)

5th Place Match: Faith Hopkins (Catoosa) 4-2, Sr. over Stephanie Bruhova (Oologah-Talala) 1-3, . (Fall 1:39)


1st Place – Kali Hayden of Union

2nd Place – Hannah Lightfoot of Sallisaw

3rd Place – Brynlee Good Voice of Wagoner

4th Place – Alyson Sykes of Perry

5th Place – Caris Morris of Sapulpa

6th Place – Jordan Bread of Tahlequah

1st Place Match: Kali Hayden (Union) 14-0, So. over Hannah Lightfoot (Sallisaw) 15-8, So. (Fall 1:14)

3rd Place Match: Brynlee Good Voice (Wagoner) 5-1, Sr. over Alyson Sykes (Perry) 5-8, . (Fall 1:48)

5th Place Match: Caris Morris (Sapulpa) 19-4, Fr. over Jordan Bread (Tahlequah) 10-13, . (Fall 2:25)


1st Place – Azreal Smith of Union

2nd Place – Ki`Eisha Cathey of Broken Arrow

3rd Place – Stacey Nash of McLoud

4th Place – Tanika Anderson of Will Rogers

5th Place – Tori French of Warner

6th Place – Hayven Jackson of Grove

1st Place Match: Azreal Smith (Union) 13-0, Fr. over Ki`Eisha Cathey (Broken Arrow) 2-1, . (Dec 4-0)

3rd Place Match: Stacey Nash (McLoud) 12-2, So. over Tanika Anderson (Will Rogers) 7-4, Sr. (Fall 2:45)

5th Place Match: Tori French (Warner) 16-9, Jr. over Hayven Jackson (Grove) 6-5, Fr. (Fall 5:51)