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Get to Know the OCU Wrestling Program and the Standfast Wrestling Club

This week we decided to take a look at the Standfast Wrestling club, which is led by Josh Powell, along with OCU where Josh is an assistant.

We spoke with a number of wrestlers from Standfast(a few who are committed to OCU) and toured the facility. We then went over to OCU to take a look around at their gym and wrestling room, then spoke to a few of their wrestlers and their head coach Josh Ensign.

Check out everything from Standfast here:

Standfast Wrestling Facility Walkthrough | Rokfin

EJ Beloncik Interview at Standfast Wrestling Practice | Rokfin

Yukon’s Conner Columbus Talks about His Upcoming Transition to OCU, the Yukon Program, and Standfast | Rokfin

Boston Powell talks about Standfast, OCU, and Wrestling in College for his Dad | Rokfin

KJ Evans Talks About Standfast, Joe Smith Becoming His Coach, Injury Recovery, and More | Rokfin

Eli Kirk Talks about his Southern Plains Title, His Summer Training, and More at Standfast | Rokfin

Heritage Hall’s Michael McCracken Talks the Standfast Wrestling Club, OCU, and Next Wrestling Season | Rokfin

Piedmont’s Barrett Byers Talks About His Connection with Cash Donnell and Goals for Next Season | Rokfin

Piedmont’s Cash Donnell Talks About His Summer Wrestling and Fargo Prep at Standfast | Rokfin

And everything from OCU here:

Interview with OCU Head Wrestling Coach Justin Ensign | Rokfin

Cade Manion Talks About His Transfer Home to OCU and All-American Finish Last Season | Rokfin

Keegan Luton Talks About Coming up in Mustang, his College Transition, and Moving Forward with OCU | Rokfin

OCU Wrestling Room Walkthrough | Rokfin

OCU Gym Walkthrough | Rokfin

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