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Dual Recap: Del City-45 Shawnee-33

Varsity Matches:

106lbs Void (DC) v Samuel Teapi (Shawnee)
Samuel Teapi receives a forfeit 

Dual score: Del City-0 Shawnee-6 

113lbs Patrick Counts (DC) v Blayne Taber (Shawnee)

Both wrestlers start action tying up fighting hands Taber shoots in for a single leg forcing Counts to the edge of the mat eventually being called out of bounds resetting in the middle. Counts takes a double leg sitting Taber on his butt and climbing up the body for the takedown taking control of the match 2-0. Taber went on the offensive attempting several stand ups but only to be stopped by Counts. Counts was able to capture 3 nearfall points with 15 seconds left after attempting a chicken wing that turned into a half nelson ending the first period 5-0. 

The second period Counts deferred their choice to Taber prompting Taber to choose the bottom position. Taber attempts a string of stand ups right out gate only to be returned to the mat by Counts each time eventually being called out to reset. After a quick reset Taber was quick to his feet working his way to the edge of the mat attempting to do a standing switch. Counts was quick to react catching Taber with his chin in Taber’s chest eventually securing a half nelson gaining nearfall and eventually the first fall of the night for Del City. 

Dual score: Del City-6 Shawnee-6

120lbs Void (DC) v Kaiden Kirk (Shawnee)
Kaiden Kirk receives a forfeit 

Dual score: Del City-6 Shawnee-12 

126lbs Dimitri Kizer (DC) v Ethan Soliz (Shawnee) –

The match starts off quick with Soliz faking a shot and Kizer countering with a low level single leg. Kizer was quick back to his feet with the single leg trying to step in between the legs of Soliz. Soliz quick to defend the takedown gets into a scramble ending up out of bounds. After the reset both wrestlers were relentless fighting hands, Soliz takes a quick shot landing in between Kizer’s legs working to a single leg and the first takedown of the match 2-0. Kizer was quick on the defense fighting hands and getting to his feet, Kizer was able catch Soliz throwing him back to mat and gaining the reversal for 2 points and locking up a head lock for 3 nearfall points before Soliz was able to fight back to his stomach, 2-5 Kizer. Seconds later Soliz was able to score a reversal after Kizer’s mat return 4-5 only to be reversed after throwing his legs in, 4-7 Kizer. Kizer would gain the fall shortly after reversing Soliz late in the period. 

Dual score: Del City-12 Shawnee-12 

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