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Dual Recap: Boys Varsity Carl Albert Titans vs Shawnee Wolves

Video Interviews:

106-Blaine Taber (Shawnee) receives a forfeit

Team score Carl Albert- 0 Shawnee- 6

113- Sam Teape (Shawnee) receives a forfeit

Team score Carl Albert- 0 Shawnee- 12

120- Jackson Mortimer (CA) vs Kaiden Kirk (Shawnee)

Mortimer opens up scoring passing an elbow by returning Kirk to the mat for a 2-0 lead. After throwing in two legs and a couple of power half attempts none of which scored nearfall the period ends 2-0 Mortimer.

Second period Mortimer’s choice he defers, and Kirk takes down, Kirk comes to his feet a couple of times Mortimer returns him both times and begins to work on top. Mortimer working on top is hit for stalling and the time runs out 2-0 still.

Third period Mortimer chooses down, starts to mud gets in on a double leg tries to come out the back and we are out of bounds Mortimer is still down. Kirk hooks up a cradle and is trying to turn him, Kirk comes hip to hip and Mortimer comes to his feet and scores the escape. Mortimer in on a double switches off to a single and time runs out. Mortimer takes the match 3-0.

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