Cushing Invitational (January 7-8, 2022)

Cushing Invitational

January 7-8, 2022

Top 20 Team Scores (29 teams entered)

1.Blackwell194 8.Catoosa121 15.Stilwell70.5
2.Cushing167 9.Elgin112 16.Sperry69
3.Guthrie151.5 10.Skiatook111.5 17.Weatherford68
4.Bridge Creek135.5 11.Sand Springs110.5 18.Heritage Hall56
5.Grove133.5 12.Perry92.5 18.Sallisaw56
6.Ft. Gibson128 13.Blanchard92 20.Chickasha55
7.Wagoner126 14.Lucas Lovejoy, TX87.5    


1st Place – Hunter Jackson of Elgin

2nd Place – Johnny Leverich of CUSHING

3rd Place – Louden Wolfe of BLACKWELL

4th Place – Cory Brown of WAGONER

5th Place – Tyler Misenheimer of BLANCHARD

6th Place – Jaxson Brown of BLACKWELL

1st Place Match: Hunter Jackson (Elgin) 16-1, over Johnny Leverich (CUSHING) 12-3, Sr. (Dec 5-4)

3rd Place Match: Louden Wolfe (BLACKWELL) 5-1, Fr. over Cory Brown (WAGONER) 10-2, Fr. (Dec 6-0)

5th Place Match: Tyler Misenheimer (BLANCHARD) 16-3, Fr. over Jaxson Brown (BLACKWELL) 2-3, So. (Fall 3:38)


1st Place – Blade Walden of FT. GIBSON

2nd Place – Aden Sanders of BLANCHARD

3rd Place – Kaizyn Kraft of BRIDGE CREEK

4th Place – Colby Longanacre of Chickasha

5th Place – Iziah Tusler of CUSHING

6th Place – Gant Browning of Kingfisher

1st Place Match: Blade Walden (FT. GIBSON) 24-0, So. over Aden Sanders (BLANCHARD) 14-1, Sr. (MD 10-2)

3rd Place Match: Kaizyn Kraft (BRIDGE CREEK) 11-2, Sr. over Colby Longanacre (Chickasha) 10-3, Fr. (Dec 5-2)

5th Place Match: Iziah Tusler (CUSHING) 15-3, Fr. over Gant Browning (Kingfisher) 7-5, So. (Dec 4-2)


1st Place – Eli Kirk of Guthrie

2nd Place – Aidan O`Dell of BLACKWELL

3rd Place – Zander Grigsby of SAND SPRINGS

4th Place – Daniel Hernandez of CUSHING

5th Place – Ezra Gates of GROVE

6th Place – Case Carlile of CATOOSA

1st Place Match: Eli Kirk (Guthrie) 14-1, Jr. over Aidan O`Dell (BLACKWELL) 17-1, Sr. (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match: Zander Grigsby (SAND SPRINGS) 14-1, So. over Daniel Hernandez (CUSHING) 17-5, Fr. (Fall 3:21)

5th Place Match: Ezra Gates (GROVE) 11-5, Fr. over Case Carlile (CATOOSA) 4-3, Sr. (Dec 13-6)


1st Place – Brody Gee of Skiatook

2nd Place – Jayce Caviness of STILWELL

3rd Place – Corban Zugelder of CATOOSA

4th Place – Kaiden Ailey of BLACKWELL

5th Place – Andy Collier of CUSHING

6th Place – Adarren Brueil of GROVE

1st Place Match: Brody Gee (Skiatook) 20-2, Sr. over Jayce Caviness (STILWELL) 20-4, Jr. (MD 14-6)

3rd Place Match: Corban Zugelder (CATOOSA) 4-1, Jr. over Kaiden Ailey (BLACKWELL) 13-4, Jr. (Dec 6-2)

5th Place Match: Andy Collier (CUSHING) 16-7, So. over Adarren Brueil (GROVE) 14-5, Sr. (Dec 8-3)


1st Place – Kaden Smith of BRIDGE CREEK

2nd Place – Josey Jernegan of Skiatook

3rd Place – Deringer Hollenbeck of GROVE

4th Place – Jarrod Bewley of BLANCHARD

5th Place – Jaiden Johnson of FT. GIBSON

6th Place – Jim Mullin of STILWELL

1st Place Match: Kaden Smith (BRIDGE CREEK) 18-2, Sr. over Josey Jernegan (Skiatook) 22-2, Jr. (Dec 4-2)

3rd Place Match: Deringer Hollenbeck (GROVE) 14-1, Fr. over Jarrod Bewley (BLANCHARD) 15-8, Sr. (Dec 3-0)

5th Place Match: Jaiden Johnson (FT. GIBSON) 21-3, So. over Jim Mullin (STILWELL) 14-5, Jr. (M. For.)


1st Place – Kaiser Simpson of CUSHING

2nd Place – Davis Park of Heritage Hall

3rd Place – Toby West of FT. GIBSON

4th Place – Jaxon Trotter of SAND SPRINGS

5th Place – Bryce Steel of WAGONER

6th Place – Braden Hall of Guthrie

1st Place Match: Kaiser Simpson (CUSHING) 19-0, Jr. over Davis Park (Heritage Hall) 4-5, Jr. (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match: Toby West (FT. GIBSON) 22-4, Sr. over Jaxon Trotter (SAND SPRINGS) 15-6, Fr. (TF-1.5 4:25 (16-0))

5th Place Match: Bryce Steel (WAGONER) 13-4, Fr. over Braden Hall (Guthrie) 13-4, Jr. (M. For.)


1st Place – Mitchell Smith of SAND SPRINGS

2nd Place – Brady Benham of SPERRY

3rd Place – Isaac Long of Skiatook

4th Place – Josh Gesell of GROVE

5th Place – Gabe Vieyra of CUSHING

6th Place – Blake Witmer of BLANCHARD

1st Place Match: Mitchell Smith (SAND SPRINGS) 16-2, Jr. over Brady Benham (SPERRY) 12-1, So. (Dec 5-4)

3rd Place Match: Isaac Long (Skiatook) 13-5, Jr. over Josh Gesell (GROVE) 14-8, So. (Fall 1:23)

5th Place Match: Gabe Vieyra (CUSHING) 12-7, Sr. over Blake Witmer (BLANCHARD) 3-3, Sr. (Fall 2:30)


1st Place – Grant Edwards of FT. GIBSON

2nd Place – Braden Dougherty of Chickasha

3rd Place – Jason Osgood of BLACKWELL

4th Place – Logan Sterling of WAGONER

5th Place – Walker McCause of SPERRY

6th Place – Chace Massie of Chandler

1st Place Match: Grant Edwards (FT. GIBSON) 22-2, Sr. over Braden Dougherty (Chickasha) 7-3, Fr. (Fall 2:48)

3rd Place Match: Jason Osgood (BLACKWELL) 5-1, Fr. over Logan Sterling (WAGONER) 4-2, (Fall 5:02)

5th Place Match: Walker McCause (SPERRY) 7-3, Jr. over Chace Massie (Chandler) 14-7, Jr. (Inj. 0:00)


1st Place – Chance Davis of PERRY

2nd Place – EJ Beloncik of Heritage Hall

3rd Place – Skyler Bean of BRIDGE CREEK

4th Place – Kale Charboneau of WAGONER

5th Place – Caden Warren of Poteau

6th Place – Ethan Warren of BLANCHARD

1st Place Match: Chance Davis (PERRY) 5-0, over EJ Beloncik (Heritage Hall) 17-3, Jr. (Dec 9-3)

3rd Place Match: Skyler Bean (BRIDGE CREEK) 16-3, Sr. over Kale Charboneau (WAGONER) 13-3, Fr. (Dec 7-5)

5th Place Match: Caden Warren (Poteau) 5-2, Sr. over Ethan Warren (BLANCHARD) 14-3, Sr. (Fall 2:58)


1st Place – Kaleb Owen of PERRY

2nd Place – Kale Visnieski of WEATHERFORD

3rd Place – Corey Soliz of Lucas Lovejoy

4th Place – Andrew Mullin of STILWELL

5th Place – Rocky Woods of Morrison Hs

6th Place – Derrick Kersey of CUSHING

1st Place Match: Kaleb Owen (PERRY) 5-0, over Kale Visnieski (WEATHERFORD) 16-5, Jr. (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match: Corey Soliz (Lucas Lovejoy) 26-5, Jr. over Andrew Mullin (STILWELL) 16-7, So. (Dec 2-0)

5th Place Match: Rocky Woods (Morrison) 12-3, Sr. over Derrick Kersey (CUSHING) 13-7, Sr. (Fall 5:36)


1st Place – Johnathon Roberts of Oklahoma Christian School

2nd Place – Christian Mora of BLACKWELL

3rd Place – Ethan Hughes of PERRY

4th Place – Tyler Smith of Lucas Lovejoy

5th Place – Jesse Arnall of GROVE

6th Place – Hunter Smith of WAGONER

1st Place Match: Johnathon Roberts (OCS) 14-0, Jr. over Christian Mora (BLACKWELL) 16-5, Sr. (Dec 2-0)

3rd Place Match: Ethan Hughes (PERRY) 5-1, over Tyler Smith (Lucas Lovejoy) 21-9, Sr. (Dec 11-5)

5th Place Match: Jesse Arnall (GROVE) 10-6, Jr. over Hunter Smith (WAGONER) 5-3, Sr. (Fall 1:22)


1st Place – Kruz Goff of BLACKWELL

2nd Place – Coal Madison of Guthrie

3rd Place – Drew Powell of BRIDGE CREEK

4th Place – Trey Hudgens of SALLISAW

5th Place – Spade Pool of Guthrie

6th Place – Roman Garcia of WAGONER

1st Place Match: Kruz Goff (BLACKWELL) 4-0, Fr. over Coal Madison (Guthrie) 9-2, Jr. (Dec 5-4)

3rd Place Match: Drew Powell (BRIDGE CREEK) 18-2, Sr. over Trey Hudgens (SALLISAW) 10-2, Sr. (Fall 5:03)

5th Place Match: Spade Pool (Guthrie) 12-5, Sr. over Roman Garcia (WAGONER) 12-4, Jr. (Inj. 0:00)


1st Place – Gunner Wilson of CATOOSA

2nd Place – Hayden Simpson of Guthrie

3rd Place – Randy Nix of BRIDGE CREEK

4th Place – Kolby Looper of BLACKWELL

5th Place – Izeaha Freeborn of WEATHERFORD

6th Place – Jackson Dubree of Lucas Lovejoy

1st Place Match: Gunner Wilson (CATOOSA) 4-0, Fr. over Hayden Simpson (Guthrie) 11-1, Sr. (Fall 5:09)

3rd Place Match: Randy Nix (BRIDGE CREEK) 15-5, Jr. over Kolby Looper (BLACKWELL) 14-6, Jr. (Dec 5-3)

5th Place Match: Izeaha Freeborn (WEATHERFORD) 15-4, Sr. over Jackson Dubree (Lucas Lovejoy) 15-4, Jr. (Dec 3-1)


1st Place – Rylan Hitt of Elgin

2nd Place – Nate Easky of Skiatook

3rd Place – Danny Rowe of CATOOSA

4th Place – Riley Boyster of Guthrie

5th Place – Mason Harris of SAND SPRINGS

6th Place – J.D. McCleary of BLACKWELL

1st Place Match: Rylan Hitt (Elgin) 16-0, Sr. over Nate Easky (Skiatook) 19-4, Sr. (Fall 1:22)

3rd Place Match: Danny Rowe (CATOOSA) 5-1, Sr. over Riley Boyster (Guthrie) 13-5, Sr. (Fall 1:07)

5th Place Match: Mason Harris (SAND SPRINGS) 4-2, So. over J.D. McCleary (BLACKWELL) 12-7, Jr. (Fall 0:39)