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Cowboys vs Wyoming: Preview & Predictions

#7 Oklahoma State (2-0) vs Wyoming (0-0)

All Time Record vs: 25-0-1

After a strong start to the season, OK State heads back to Stillwater for the home opener against an untested Wyoming team. Both teams have some questions in their lineup. For Wyoming, they just wrestled in their home open tournament, but only one of their ranked starters competed. They are also likely to be missing #2 Stephen Buchanan due to injury. While Wyoming always comes to wrestle, this dual has been one sided in recent years and looks like it has potential to be again. Here are some things to look out for heading into the start of Big 12 competition. 

What does the lineup look like?

Last week to the surprise of many, Gfeller was at 157 while Sheets was at 165. This worked out as Sheets got a ranked win and Gfeller nearly pulled off a top ten upset. However, Coach Smith said this week that the plan was for Sheets to continue to descend to 165. In another interview Gfeller said that he felt comfortable at 157, but would do what was best for the team. 

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