Class 4A East Regional Tournament (Feb. 18-19, 2022)

Class 4A East Regional Tournament

February 18-19, 2022

Site: Cushing

Team Scores

1.Wagoner226.5 6.Sallisaw120 11.Oologah52.5
2.Cushing209 7.Newcastle119 12.McLain26
3.Catoosa206.5 8.Stilwell102.5 13.Cleveland24
4.Ft. Gibson151.5 9.Poteau77 14.Hildale16
5.Skiatook144 10.Bristow57 15.Broken Bow15


1st Place – Johnny Leverich of Cushing

2nd Place – Cory Brown of Wagoner

3rd Place – Cole Smith of Skiatook

4th Place – Daxtyn Davis of Bristow

5th Place – Joshua Esquivel of Catoosa

6th Place – Victor Silva of Broken Bow

1st Place Match: Johnny Leverich (Cushing) 29-4, Sr. over Cory Brown (Wagoner) 3-1, Fr. (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match: Cole Smith (Skiatook) 27-9, So. over Daxtyn Davis (Bristow) 18-12, So. (Fall 1:06)

5th Place Match: Joshua Esquivel (Catoosa) 17-15, So. over Victor Silva (Broken Bow) 14-15, Fr. (MD 9-1)


1st Place – Blade Walden of Fort Gibson

2nd Place – Guy Clevenger of Catoosa

3rd Place – Iziah Tusler of Cushing

4th Place – Kai Lamho of Wagoner

5th Place – Beau Canfield of Bristow

6th Place – Jeremiah Chuculate of Stilwell

1st Place Match: Blade Walden (Fort Gibson) 43-1, So. over Guy Clevenger (Catoosa) 25-3, Sr. (MD 14-5)

3rd Place Match: Iziah Tusler (Cushing) 28-8, Fr. over Kai Lamho (Wagoner) 1-2, Jr. (Fall 2:34)

5th Place Match: Beau Canfield (Bristow) 12-7, Fr. over Jeremiah Chuculate (Stilwell) 17-15, Sr. (Fall 3:04)


1st Place – Garrett Salt of Oologah

2nd Place – Daniel Hernandez of Cushing

3rd Place – Case Carlile of Catoosa

4th Place – Mason Duke of Sallisaw

5th Place – Adam Luna of Wagoner

6th Place – Kamden Rodgers of Broken Bow

1st Place Match: Garrett Salt (Oologah) 22-1 over Daniel Hernandez (Cushing) 29-12, Fr. (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match: Case Carlile (Catoosa) 21-11, Sr. over Mason Duke (Sallisaw) 23-12, So. (Dec 9-4)

5th Place Match: Adam Luna (Wagoner) 4-2, Fr. over Kamden Rodgers (Broken Bow) 21-13, Jr. (Fall 3:54)


1st Place – Jayce Caviness of Stilwell

2nd Place – Brody Gee of Skiatook

3rd Place – Corban Zugelder of Catoosa

4th Place – Andy Collier of Cushing

5th Place – Austin Foster of Sallisaw

6th Place – Hudsen Neafus of Fort Gibson

1st Place Match: Jayce Caviness (Stilwell) 38-5, Jr. over Brody Gee (Skiatook) 33-3, Sr. (MD 13-0)

3rd Place Match: Corban Zugelder (Catoosa) 30-10, Jr. over Andy Collier (Cushing) 28-14, So. (Fall 2:10)

5th Place Match: Austin Foster (Sallisaw) 18-12, Fr. over Hudsen Neafus (Fort Gibson) 14-12, Fr. (Fall 2:38)


1st Place – Josey Jernegan of Skiatook

2nd Place – Jaiden Johnson of Fort Gibson

3rd Place – Jake Fredrickson of Poteau

4th Place – Tevin Minney of Cushing

5th Place – Silas Snead of Newcastle

6th Place – Seth Charles of Catoosa

1st Place Match: Josey Jernegan (Skiatook) 40-2, Jr. over Jaiden Johnson (Fort Gibson) 37-6, So. (Fall 3:10)

3rd Place Match: Jake Fredrickson (Poteau) 23-12, Fr. over Tevin Minney (Cushing) 9-6, Fr. (Dec 6-5)

5th Place Match: Silas Snead (Newcastle) 19-11, Sr. over Seth Charles (Catoosa) 1-3, Fr. (Dec 6-2)


1st Place – Kaiser Simpson of Cushing

2nd Place – Toby West of Fort Gibson

3rd Place – Bryce Steel of Wagoner

4th Place – Aiden Ruiz of Sallisaw

5th Place – Fernando Dominguez of Catoosa

6th Place – Kasey Griffin of Skiatook

1st Place Match: Kaiser Simpson (Cushing) 35-2, Jr. over Toby West (Fort Gibson) 41-5, Sr. (Fall 2:48)

3rd Place Match: Bryce Steel (Wagoner) 4-1, Fr. over Aiden Ruiz (Sallisaw) 26-8, Fr. (Dec 4-2)

5th Place Match: Fernando Dominguez (Catoosa) 3-2, So. over Kasey Griffin (Skiatook) 22-20, Jr. (Dec 10-6)


1st Place – Cutter Sheets of Stilwell

2nd Place – Issac Long of Skiatook

3rd Place – Cole Mahaney of Fort Gibson

4th Place – Max Rinehart of Newcastle

5th Place – Gabriel Rodriguez of Wagoner

6th Place – Gabe Vieyra of Cushing

1st Place Match: Cutter Sheets (Stilwell) 34-1, Sr. over Issac Long (Skiatook) 29-10, Jr. (TF-1.5 4:44 (15-0))

3rd Place Match: Cole Mahaney (Fort Gibson) 34-7, Jr. over Max Rinehart (Newcastle) 34-6, Jr. (Dec 8-2)

5th Place Match: Gabriel Rodriguez (Wagoner) 4-2, Jr. over Gabe Vieyra (Cushing) 23-15, Sr. (Dec 4-1)


1st Place – Logan Sterling of Wagoner

2nd Place – Grant Edwards of Fort Gibson

3rd Place – Quentin Schane of Newcastle

4th Place – Caden Warren of Poteau

5th Place – Tyler Hockett of Cushing

6th Place – Colby Garrett of Hilldale

1st Place Match: Logan Sterling (Wagoner) 24-5 over Grant Edwards (Fort Gibson) 40-5, Sr. (Dec 6-5)

3rd Place Match: Quentin Schane (Newcastle) 23-4, Sr. over Caden Warren (Poteau) 28-8, Sr. (Dec 11-9)

5th Place Match: Tyler Hockett (Cushing) 14-18, So. over Colby Garrett (Hilldale) 2-3, Sr. (Dec 3-1)


1st Place – Kale Charboneau of Wagoner

2nd Place – Caleb Spencer of Catoosa

3rd Place – Shane Lovejoy of Newcastle

4th Place – Kiowa Coffman of Sallisaw

5th Place – Luke Johnson of Cleveland

6th Place – Dakota O`dell of Fort Gibson

1st Place Match: Kale Charboneau (Wagoner) 3-0, Fr. over Caleb Spencer (Catoosa) 23-13, Jr. (TF-1.5 6:00 (20-5))

3rd Place Match: Shane Lovejoy (Newcastle) 23-12, So. over Kiowa Coffman (Sallisaw) 17-14, Jr. (Fall 0:43)

5th Place Match: Luke Johnson (Cleveland) 8-15, Jr. over Dakota O`dell (Fort Gibson) 15-18, So. (Dec 3-2)


1st Place – Witt Edwards of Wagoner

2nd Place – Nkosi Logan of McLain

3rd Place – Corey Chilcoat of Catoosa

4th Place – Derrick Kersey of Cushing

5th Place – Andrew Mullin of Stilwell

6th Place – Caden Pollard of Sallisaw

1st Place Match: Witt Edwards (Wagoner) 24-2, So. over Nkosi Logan (McLain) 14-6, Sr. (Dec 10-5)

3rd Place Match: Corey Chilcoat (Catoosa) 14-7, Jr. over Derrick Kersey (Cushing) 26-13, Sr. (MD 8-0)

5th Place Match: Andrew Mullin (Stilwell) 26-11, So. over Caden Pollard (Sallisaw) 16-17, So. (Fall 3:54)


1st Place – Adam Brown of Stilwell

2nd Place – Blake Johnson of Newcastle

3rd Place – Noah Florres of Sallisaw

4th Place – Zach Ferguson of Catoosa

5th Place – Colton Sutton of Skiatook

6th Place – Hunter Smith of Wagoner

1st Place Match: Adam Brown (Stilwell) 20-7, Sr. over Blake Johnson (Newcastle) 25-10, . (Dec 7-5)

3rd Place Match: Noah Florres (Sallisaw) 24-8, So. over Zach Ferguson (Catoosa) 14-13, Sr. (Fall 3:28)

5th Place Match: Colton Sutton (Skiatook) 25-19, Jr. over Hunter Smith (Wagoner) 2-3, Sr. (Fall 1:53)


1st Place – Roman Garcia of Wagoner

2nd Place – Trey Hudgens of Sallisaw

3rd Place – Luke Brooks of Poteau

4th Place – Bryce Massie of Cushing

5th Place – Conway Justus of Newcastle

6th Place – Brock Ferguson of Catoosa

1st Place Match: Roman Garcia (Wagoner) 4-0, Jr. over Trey Hudgens (Sallisaw) 27-6, Sr. (Fall 1:14)

3rd Place Match: Luke Brooks (Poteau) 4-3, So. over Bryce Massie (Cushing) 26-13, Sr. (Dec 3-1)

5th Place Match: Conway Justus (Newcastle) 27-10, Sr. over Brock Ferguson (Catoosa) 11-12, Sr. (Dec 7-2)


1st Place – Gunner Wilson of Catoosa

2nd Place – Jamal Riggs of Wagoner

3rd Place – Xavier Bigpond of Bristow

4th Place – Kade Ralson of Cushing

5th Place – Kyle Rye of Fort Gibson

6th Place – Caleb Cowen of Sallisaw

1st Place Match: Gunner Wilson (Catoosa) 35-2, Fr. over Jamal Riggs (Wagoner) 2-1, Sr. (Fall 5:49)

3rd Place Match: Xavier Bigpond (Bristow) 22-10, Jr. over Kade Ralson (Cushing) 20-13, So. (Fall 4:43)

5th Place Match: Kyle Rye (Fort Gibson) 22-18, Fr. over Caleb Cowen (Sallisaw) 19-14, Jr. (Fall 3:37)


1st Place – Nate Easky of Skiatook

2nd Place – Gabe Grazier of Oologah

3rd Place – Arnold Portillo of Newcastle

4th Place – Will Restine of Poteau

5th Place – Nic Flores of Cushing

6th Place – Chris Gutierrez of Catoosa

1st Place Match: Nate Easky (Skiatook) 36-8, Sr. over Gabe Grazier (Oologah) 19-2, . (Dec 6-1)

3rd Place Match: Arnold Portillo (Newcastle) 34-5, Sr. over Will Restine (Poteau) 25-7, Jr. (Fall 3:56)

5th Place Match: Nic Flores (Cushing) 19-11, Jr. over Chris Gutierrez (Catoosa) 11-12, Sr. (Dec 7-4)