Class 3A West Regional Tournament

February 18-19, 2022

Site: Plainview

Top 15 Team Scores (31 teams entered)

1.Marlow282.5 6.Plainview125 11.Davis54
2.Blackwell250 7.Tonkawa107 12.Kingfisher44
3.Comanche245 8.Sulphur83.5 12.Lexington44
4.Pawnee166 9.Watonga78 12.OCS44
5.Perry126 10.Bethel58 15.Anadarko39


1st Place – Louden Wolfe of Blackwell

2nd Place – Keller Kizarr of Marlow

3rd Place – Stockton Allen of Pawnee

4th Place – Carson Orr of Plainview

5th Place – Hunter Coldiron of Perry

6th Place – Landon Jones of Sulphur

1st Place Match: Louden Wolfe (Blackwell) 30-4, Fr. over Keller Kizarr (Marlow) 2-1, Fr. (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match: Stockton Allen (Pawnee) 22-2, Fr. over Carson Orr (Plainview) 33-6, Jr. (Fall 0:20)

5th Place Match: Hunter Coldiron (Perry) 5-2, over Landon Jones (Sulphur) 2-3, . (Fall 5:04)


1st Place – Brantz Bateman of Marlow

2nd Place – Aiden Godbehere of Blackwell

3rd Place – Hudson Hobbs of Plainview

4th Place – Gant Browning of Kingfisher

5th Place – Landon Shell of Pawnee

6th Place – Evan Eden of Anadarko

1st Place Match: Brantz Bateman (Marlow) 3-0, Fr. over Aiden Godbehere (Blackwell) 15-3, Sr. (Dec 6-4)

3rd Place Match Hudson Hobbs (Plainview) 37-8, Fr. over Gant Browning (Kingfisher) 25-11, So. (Fall 5:54)

5th Place Match Landon Shell (Pawnee) 27-8, Sr. over Evan Eden (Anadarko) 21-8, Sr. (Dec 7-4)


1st Place – Aidan O`Dell of Blackwell

2nd Place – Gage Graham of Sulphur

3rd Place – Lawson Knox of Marlow

4th Place – Kolbe Novotny of Pawnee

5th Place – Denver Patzack of Wilburton

6th Place – Jaxson Billingsley of Comanche

1st Place Match: Aidan O`Dell (Blackwell) 36-3, Sr. over Gage Graham (Sulphur) 3-1, . (MD 10-2)

3rd Place Match Lawson Knox (Marlow) 4-1, So. over Kolbe Novotny (Pawnee) 27-7, Fr. (MD 9-0)

5th Place Match: Denver Patzack (Wilburton) 13-6, Fr. over Jaxson Billingsley (Comanche) 10-12, Jr. (Fall 2:49)


1st Place – Grady Mittasch of Pawnee

2nd Place – Kaiden Ailey of Blackwell

3rd Place – Baer Webb of Sulphur

4th Place – Gehrig Furr of Marlow

5th Place – Legend Yates of Comanche

6th Place – Brennan Bear of Anadarko

1st Place Match: Grady Mittasch (Pawnee) 28-3, Fr. over Kaiden Ailey (Blackwell) 28-10, Jr. (Fall 3:15)

3rd Place Match Baer Webb (Sulphur) 27-7, . over Gehrig Furr (Marlow) 3-2, Jr. (Fall 4:56)

5th Place Match Legend Yates (Comanche) 16-7, Fr. over Brennan Bear (Anadarko) 20-9, Sr. (Fall 2:28)


1st Place – Zach Dawson of Marlow

2nd Place – Jack Newton of Comanche

3rd Place – Kasin O`Dell of Blackwell

4th Place – Tristan Buchanan of Lexington

5th Place – Rowdy Story of Bethel

6th Place – Ethan Crowe of Davis

1st Place Match: Zach Dawson (Marlow) 4-0, So. over Jack Newton (Comanche) 19-6, Jr. (Fall 5:29)

3rd Place Match: Kasin O`Dell (Blackwell) 24-12, Jr. over Tristan Buchanan (Lexington) 20-6, Fr. (Dec 5-4)

5th Place Match: Rowdy Story (Bethel) 18-7, Sr. over Ethan Crowe (Davis) 25-6, Sr. (Dec 7-4)


1st Place – Cade Gilbert of Marlow

2nd Place – Reece Bennett of Plainview

3rd Place – Gunnor Yates of Comanche

4th Place – Harlan Britt of Pawnee

5th Place – Cash Sessions of Lexington

6th Place – Jake Britt of Davis:

1st Place Match Cade Gilbert (Marlow) 4-0, So. over Reece Bennett (Plainview) 38-4, Sr. (MD 11-1)

3rd Place Match: Gunnor Yates (Comanche) 24-11, Sr. over Harlan Britt (Pawnee) 26-8, Sr. (Fall 3:18)

5th Place Match: Cash Sessions (Lexington) 23-9, So. over Jake Britt (Davis) 27-11, Sr. (MD 11-0)


1st Place – Case Rich of Marlow

2nd Place – Noah Presgrove of Comanche

3rd Place – Cameron Jackson of Tonkawa

4th Place – Chris Cordova of Perry

5th Place – Aspen Jolly of Sulphur

6th Place – Weslan Brewer of Pawnee:

1st Place Match: Case Rich (Marlow) 5-0, Sr. over Noah Presgrove (Comanche) 30-8, Jr. (Dec 6-2)

3rd Place Match: Cameron Jackson (Tonkawa) 16-2, Jr. over Chris Cordova (Perry) 4-2, . (MD 11-3)

5th Place Match: Aspen Jolly (Sulphur) 4-2, over Weslan Brewer (Pawnee) 16-12, So. (Fall 0:56)


1st Place – Jason Osgood of Blackwell

2nd Place – Tucker Oliver of Comanche

3rd Place – Ty Scott of Marlow

4th Place – Malique Barber of Pawnee

5th Place – Jadin Howard of Tonkawa

6th Place – John Jones of Temple

1st Place Match: Jason Osgood (Blackwell) 32-7, Fr. over Tucker Oliver (Comanche) 25-9, Jr. (Fall 7:27)

3rd Place Match: Ty Scott (Marlow) 4-1, Sr. over Malique Barber (Pawnee) 30-5, Sr. (Dec 6-2)

5th Place Match: Jadin Howard (Tonkawa Jr Sr) 25-9, Jr. over John Jones (Temple) 3-3, Fr. (Fall 3:06)


1st Place – Chance Davis of Perry

2nd Place – Cody Davis of Marlow

3rd Place – Logan Bain of Comanche

4th Place – Lawson Lusk of Blackwell

5th Place – Xavier Barber of Pawnee

6th Place – Landon Strong of Tonkawa Jr Sr

1st Place Match: Chance Davis (Perry) 5-0, . over Cody Davis (Marlow) 3-1, Sr. (TF-1.5 4:07 (17-2))

3rd Place Match: Logan Bain (Comanche) 27-9, Jr. over Lawson Lusk (Blackwell) 12-11, So. (Fall 3:18)

5th Place Match: Xavier Barber (Pawnee) 24-11, So. over Landon Strong (Tonkawa Jr Sr) 14-13, Jr. (Fall 0:19)


1st Place – Kaleb Owen of Perry

2nd Place – Kasen VanBuskirk of Comanche

3rd Place – Bryce Graham of Christian Heritage Academy

4th Place – TJ Ramsey of Bethel

5th Place – Dason Davis of Marlow

6th Place – Brady Rillema of Lexington

1st Place Match: Kaleb Owen (Perry) 5-0, over Kasen VanBuskirk (Comanche) 24-12, Jr. (Dec 7-2)

3rd Place Match: Bryce Graham (Christian Heritage) 24-10, So. over TJ Ramsey (Bethel) 26-4, Sr. (Fall 1:06)

5th Place Match: Dason Davis (Marlow) 4-2, Sr. over Brady Rillema (Lexington) 24-10, Sr. (Dec 7-4)


1st Place – John Roberts of Oklahoma Christian School

2nd Place – Christian Mora of Blackwell

3rd Place – Devon McCarty of Comanche

4th Place – Kamron Jackson of Douglass

5th Place – Joseph Jackson of Watonga

6th Place – Ethan Hughes of Perry

1st Place Match: John Roberts (OCS) 33-0, Jr. over Christian Mora (Blackwell) 27-9, Sr. (Dec 7-2)

3rd Place Match: Devon McCarty (Comanche) 24-12, Sr. over Kamron Jackson (Douglass) 22-4, So. (Fall 3:48)

5th Place Match: Joseph Jackson (Watonga) 11-3, Sr. over Ethan Hughes (Perry) 4-3, (Dec 2-1)


1st Place – Kruz Goff of Blackwell

2nd Place – Owen Bigford of Comanche

3rd Place – Jeston Gilliam of Plainview

4th Place – Ryan Lytal of Hinton

5th Place – Ernesto Duenez of Watonga

6th Place – Brock Smith of Marlow

1st Place Match: Kruz Goff (Blackwell) 36-1, Fr. over Owen Bigford (Comanche) 26-9, Sr. (Fall 5:42)

3rd Place Match: Jeston Gilliam (Plainview) 36-5, Sr. over Ryan Lytal (Hinton) 23-5, Jr. (MD 8-0)

5th Place Match: Ernesto Duenez (Watonga) 24-10, Jr. over Brock Smith (Marlow) 3-3, Fr. (Dec 5-1)


1st Place – Kyle Wilson of Marlow

2nd Place – Kolby Looper of Blackwell

3rd Place – Lane Gourley of Little Axe

4th Place – Lane Johnson of Plainview

5th Place – Kale Smith of Watonga

6th Place – Cade Schackelford of Davis

1st Place Match: Kyle Wilson (Marlow) 3-0, Sr. over Kolby Looper (Blackwell) 26-9, Jr. (Fall 4:24)

3rd Place Match: Lane Gourley (Little Axe) 24-8, So. over Lane Johnson (Plainview) 30-7, Sr. (UTB 4-4)

5th Place Match: Kale Smith (Watonga) 22-9, Jr. over Cade Schackelford (Davis) 29-11, Sr. (Fall 1:58)


1st Place – Miccael Brown of Tonkawa

2nd Place – Cade White of Comanche

3rd Place – Justus Gilliam of Plainview

4th Place – Chadd Kriz of Little Axe

5th Place – Chris Ward of Geary

6th Place – J.D. McCleary of Blackwell

1st Place Match: Miccael Brown (Tonkawa) 32-3, Sr. over Cade White (Comanche) 30-8, Jr. (Dec 3-1)

3rd Place Match: Justus Gilliam (Plainview) 30-4, Fr. over Chadd Kriz (Little Axe) 27-6, Jr. (Fall 4:06)

5th Place Match: Chris Ward (Geary) 4-2, Sr. over J.D. McCleary (Blackwell) 23-12, Jr. (TB-1 2-1)