2022 All-State Recap

The 2022 All-State Duals took place this Wednesday at Bixby and here are the results.

Large West-33 Large East-22

113-Christian Forbes(Large East) Forfeit over Large West

120-Kaleb Kerr(Large West) DEC James Peach(Large East) 5-4

126-Jonah Hanscom(Large West) Fall over Nate Hutchison(Large East)

132-Jazen Brown(Large West) DEC Darren Brevil (Large East) 8-1

138-Shaun Muse(Large West) DEC Parker Witcraft(Large East) 4-0

145-Tre Ivey(Large East) Fall over JP Martinez(Large West)

152-Bam West(Large West) Tech Fall Malique Barber(Large East) 16-1

160-John Wiley(Large West) DEC Drake Acklin(Large East) 4-3

170-Cory Hicks(Large East) Forfeit over Large West

182-Benjamin Mower(Large West) MAJ DEC Garrett Wells(Large East) 10-0

195-Eli Cordy(Large West) DEC Tank Felts(Large East) 4-0

220-Elijah Hynes(Large East) MAJ DEC Hayden Simpson(Large West) 11-3

HWT-Rylan Hitt(Large West) DEC Calib Phillips(Large East) 5-0

Small East-40 Small West14

113-Guy Clevenger(Small East) DEC Aden Sanders(Small West) 7-6

120 Aidan O’Dell(Small East) Fall over Colton Sanders(Small West)

126 Hunter Fitzpatrick(Small East) Fall over Gage Graham(Small West)

132 Brody Gee(Small East) Fall over Unknown(Small West)-Kaden Smith withdrew due to positive Covid test

138 Toby West(Small East) Fall over Reece Bennett(Small West)

145 Cutter Sheets(Small East) Tech Fall Dalen Stockton(Small West)

152 Case Rich(Small West) DEC Jose Flores(Small East)

160 Quentin Schane(Small West) DEC Dylan Henson(Small East) 6-4

170 Chance Davis(Small East) MAJ DEC Elijah Smith(Small West)

182 Cameron Atwood(Small West) DEC Christian Nora (Small East) 4-3

195 Andrew Powell(Small West) DEC Jedd Barrett(Small East) 5-4

220 Kyle Wilson(Small West) Fall over Kyler Pouncil(Small East)

HWT Harley Andrews(Small West) MAJ DEC Nathan Easky(Small East)

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